Thursday, January 31, 2008

Be nice, children

I just heard on the news that there's a text message doing the rounds encouraging Australians to turn their backs on the Indians at the MCG on Friday.

That's a 10/10 on the un-Australian scale people, we don't stoop to their level.

Instead use all that pent-up anger and energy that you've been harbouring over the Singh decision and vent it out by screaming even louder for our boys. Far more satisfying.


Sportsfreak said...

MF; is there a link for that anywhere? You’re right; that’s such a South African thing to do.


Miss Field said...

Er, no, sorry. I've been waiting for one to come up on some news service all day but nothing has. I heard it on a radio station's news. Maybe online print is trying to avoid it.

Tony said...

Channel Nine, CricAussie and the MCG have hijacked the world's news services to prevent the message spreading.

Homer said...

Miss Field,

I will be very surprised to see no backlash whatsoever - given the tone and tenor of the commentary emanating out of Australia.

There will be a sufficient number ( albeit in a minority) of hotheads who will be willing to stir up trouble.

The unfortunate offshoot of this will be that this will beget a response in India when the Australians come over.

Which in turn will lead to a response in Australia.

And so on and so forth.

And in the meantime, CA and the BCCI will laugh all their way to the bank :)


PS:- Thanks for blogrolling me

Miss Field said...

No worries mate.

I think that anyone who causes trouble seriously (ie racially) will be chucked out of the MCG. I'd like to hope they would be, but I also know roughly 100 people were chucked out on Boxing Day for being drunk and disorderly.

Do you know if spectators get chucked out of Indian venues for bad behaviour? Because I remember the BCCI promised to evict anyone who taunted Symonds but it happened all day.

Homer said...

Insofar, no. But with all that has happened during this tour, I wont be too surprised if the BCCI does get its act together during the forthcoming tours.


©hinaman said...

I heard it, the scream I mean, from as far as the Greenwich Meridian. Er, found your link on Google and came over for a read.

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Miss Field said...

Chinaman - I'd love to; what must I do? My contact info is in my profile if you want to send me an email. Cheers.

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