Monday, January 21, 2008

India sure showed Australia

I love reading some of the blogs written by Englishmen. The way they rejoice in Australia losing is quite entertaining to read about.

I said previously that a loss was the only thing that would redeem Australia after the events of the last week or so. That said, just prior to the game you wouldn't have got that impression. The teams both seemed to just be getting on with it. And, at the end of the day, India played better than we did, and they deserved to win. The game wasn't clouded by disputable umpiring decisions, and the integrity of the players was not brought into question. It was a good game.

Obviously I'm quite disappointed that we lost. Not least of all because I was there on the day (and was roasting in the sun). Also because it will now be 17 wins until we can break the record. Damn!

Still though, it wasn't England. That was the first thing I thought when Shaun Tait walked out onto the field, bat in hand. Just be thankful it ain't the soap-dodgers. Thank you, God. Although, after the India furore of late, they're not much better. Which reminds me. I did wonder... why were the Indians celebrating after the match? Surely they don't want to be branded BAD WINNERS. Oh no, I forgot, that only happens to us.

I was impressed by the crowd at Perth. Our mob are notorious for being racist and particularly verbal about it, which isn't something I condone, or am proud of at all. But as far as I'm aware, it went smoothly. And the Indian supporters weren't a tenth as rowdy as the England supporters. But that's the fault of the Barmy Army.

Back to the story. Kudos to Mitchell Johnson (I hear his girlfriend isn't blonde! - there's hope for us brunettes yet!). If he'd had one more batting partner it might have eventuated. But there are so many ways to look at it. If the openers had performed better in the second innings (or you know, at all) we would have won. If Gilly, Symonds, Lee had pulled in 50 each. If Justin Langer could have suddenly appeared, used a Confundus spell so we forgot he wasn't supposed to be there, and scored hundreds of runs. If a spaceship had landed on the WACA and delivered us four in-form Adam Gilchrist clones. If the heavens had opened on day four and the game was washed out. None of these things went our way, however, and we lost.

I loved Ricky Ponting's post match interview. He didn't blame anyone except the team, he accepted responsibility for his mistakes, acknowledged the amazing decisions of Anil Kumble, the efforts of the Indians, and didn't give ONE INCH to make him seem a bad loser. And at the press conference when it was suggested that Ponting is losing is touch? For losing one game? God, if losing one game meant the captain was past his prime, goodbye Smith, Vettori, Vaughan, Kumble. And the rest!

Ricky Ponting will show them.


Mark said...

If Mitchell Johnson's girlfriend isn't blokde, that must mean she met him before he became a test player...!!

Miss Field said...

That's very true. I suppose it's only a matter of time now before he dumps her for Lara Bingle's sister.

Anonymous said...

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