Friday, January 4, 2008

K Rudd likes cricket

I'm glad about this. Could we have had a prime minister who doesn't? It should be one of the debate issues.

I think the last one was rather extreme in his love of cricket. In fact when I did a tour of Lord's recently, we were told that when John Howard was last in England (his official visits always happened to coincide with cricket - amazing!), he sat and watched for five days straight and didn't once speak to anyone around him. And he wasn't just sitting in the stand, he was watching from somewhere nice, where people would have hovered about him, waiting on him.

That said, it could have been the bitter old bloke doing the tour who couldn't find anything nice to say about our old PM. Then again, was there anything nice to say?

BUT. My point is, Kevin Rudd has been at the cricket. They showed him sitting with the Indian team and chatting. And I think that's pretty cool.


Mark said...

But didn't Rudd then go and spoil it by talking about how he saw Thommo bowling to Colin Cowdrey at Brisbane in 1974 - when Cowdrey didn't actually show up until the Perth Test?!

Anonymous said...

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