Friday, January 25, 2008

Ohh, we're halfway there...

Andrew Symonds has just got Harbhajan Singh out. Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer is playing on the radio and I am reminded of the last Ashes series.

Life's good.


yatharth said...

Your blog's terrific (even though I root for India myself). And I must say it, it's just great to see a female passionate about cricket!

Truth to tell, neither team deserved to win at Adelaide given how nauseatingly defensive the field-placings from both sides were.

Thoroughly enjoyed the Steve Waugh comment.

Miss Field said...

Thank you so much!

Yeah the Adelaide game was played very defensively. I think it was a shame that in the end India played for a draw. It would have made it interesting if they'd declared at tea. Because they were definitely good enough to win, and it would have been exciting to see an Australian run chase.

yatharth said...

Oh I was hoping that India would get bowled out by tea time with a lead of about 200. And the Aussies going for the chase on a wearing pitch with all three results possible in the last over! Unfortunately, it meandered to a draw. Ah well, such is life..

I had given up hope of enterprising declarations given how the rest of the game had been played. Still, Lee and Sehwag combined to make the last day quite enjoyable!

Miss Field said...

Yeah, I was hoping India would get bowled out too, but after Michael Clarke dropped that catch on day four it just seemed to slip away.

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