Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Ok so it's emerging that Shaun Tait is depressed, and has been for a while, and he's actually been courageous, not cowardly.


But as I clarified in my last post, with the information that was available it was suspiciously reminiscent of Sally Robbins.

However that is not the case and I think it's commendable that he has put his health first (ala Geoff Gallop!). I wish him a 160 km/h recovery, and I hope we see him happy and healthy soon.

Before I crawl away into a creek to weep about what a horrible person I am, I learnt about an intriguing string of coincidences today.

I never realised it is ESPN who own the broadcasting rights for cricket on the subcontinent (and threatened to sue Cricket Australia for $60 million if the Indians pulled out of the tour). Interesting of course, because ESPN own cricinfo. I also learnt that one of my favourite wineries is owned by an American company. Both these things disappointed me.

Also, I just heard this on the news:
"...Justice Hansen, when handing down his full reasons for the decision in Adelaide on Wednesday, said he was not told that Harbhajan had three previous breaches of the ICC's code of conduct until after the sentence was imposed.

He said he was particularly concerned about a charge of attempting to intimidate an umpire, for which Harbhajan was given a suspended one-Test ban and also fined.

"Overnight I have given earnest consideration to the code of conduct to see if it empowers me to reopen the sentencing process," Justice Hansen said.

"Regrettably I have concluded that I cannot do so and the penalty imposed by me must stand. At the end of the day Mr Singh can feel himself fortunate.""

Bloody hell. See I'd been (reasonably) happy to accept the appeal decision as being one made by someone who knew more about the situation than I did. However now that I've heard this, I'm quite annoyed. This person who was supposed to know more about the situation than I did, didn't! It's not on.

Anyway, that injustice is something else for me to weep about in the creek (when I get there, I'm not done yet).

On a lighter note, I'm rapt that David Hussey is playing with the national side at the Twenty20 at the G on Friday. I've seen him play at state level and I'm thrilled he's been given a shot, even if it is "only" a Twenty20 match, and even if he does play for Victoria. Don't screw it up, Davo!

Finally, I was wondering why the balance in earth had shifted on Monday. Something wasn't quite right, it was like the planets had aligned strangely or something. It wasn't until Tuesday that I realised it was because the English cricket team flew into New Zealand. Michael Vaughan is closer.


Anonymous said...

Don't feel to bad about getting it wrong on Tait. I think what happened is a by-product of bloging. You here the news, you want to get your opinion out there before you think it through properley. Sometimes we just have to hold our trigger fingers.

Miss Field said...

Not necessarily... if the depression thing hadn't come out I'd be standing by what I said yesterday. I think. :)

Suave said...

It's a short trip across the Tasman sea!!

His wife won't be there either, which should make it easier to poach him away..

You know what cricketers are like on tour. easily led.

Miss Field said...

Excellent! I'll hitchhike across the Nullarbor and swim across the Tasman... better get going now.

Actually I really reeeeeeeeaally want to go to the Wellington test, but none of my friends will go with me. Deserters!

Suave said...

Mates are rubbish some times...

If I wasn't 12000 miles away, I'd go with you.

But alas, I will have to wake up at stupid O'Clock, or not sleep, to be able to watch it.

Miss Field said...

Haha would you be brave enough to be seen with me if I had a poster that said "horny for Vaughany" ahaha oh I crack myself up sometimes.

Yeah that is a bugger, although living in WA you get used to being in a different timezone to everyone.

Suave said...

As long as I could have a banner that said, "Swell for Bell"

Or "I get Colling- Wood, over ageing flaxen haired allrounders"

Miss Field said...

You're on!

Mark said...

Don't feel bad - we bloggers can only react based on what we know at the time.

We aren't official media who need to give 'right of reply' to anyone - it's power without any responsibility whatsoever.

Fun indeed!

Sportsfreak said...

Miss Field,

I see you are a woman of impeccable taste with regards to your choice of venue for attending a cricket test in NZ. The Basin leaves that highly over-rated Adelaide Oval for dead.

Miss Field said...

Thanks Mark:)

Oh yes, Wellington is my favourite city. I would live there if I had the guts to move. In fact I saw a banner ad for the Chicago Sports Bar on your homepage and I went "aww!"

Sportsfreak said...

You’ve got drunk at Chicago? I am impressed.

BTW, can’t find the “Contact me” thing on here. Drop us a line on re links and stuff.

Uncle J rod said...

Do you think Australian athletes will use the depression thing as a get out of jail free card in the future?

Not saying this is the case with Tait, but people have been depressed for a long long time, and yet very few players used to leave the game for sabbaticals.

What is to stop a player who is over cricket saying, if i say depression i get a free ride.

Miss Field said...

That's a very good point... it's a tough one because to some extent you have to trust people.

Don't get me wrong, I do agree with whoever it was (was it you?) that suggested that working in a low-income, little-prospect job for a bit might cure him of his blues. Or at least allow him to get a new perspective on life, which could help.

I think it would wear thin if it kept happening, to be honest. A bit like compassion fatigue.

Anonymous said...

Many succesful people have struggled with depression. Churchill springs to mind. Lincon too i think. Dont know how this translates to sport.

Leg Break said...

Churchill had good reason to be depressed from time to time.

Ian Curtis suffered depression too.

Tony said...

Lincoln was depressed because he couldn't get the hang of cricket.

Churchill was depressed because he couldn't get his doosra to work.

Anonymous said...

RE Churchill: Yeah Gallipoli. I doubt an Englishman would care about using Aussies as cannon fodder though.

Leg Break said...

Brad G,

I'm picking Churchill felt bad about sending all those Kiwis to their grave

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha. Sorry i forgot my kiwi mates.

Miriam said...

I know the causes and effects of depression (the actual illness, not just a general feeling of malaise) can sometimes be difficult to separate, but isn't it related to a chemical imbalance in the brain, so not always about external factors?

Miss Field said...

Yeah you're right Miriam... back to the creek I go.

Uncle J rod said...

Yes it was me that said that he should be given a real job. In the real world people have to work through depression. But we all know depression or not, he will be molly coddled until he is of no use to the ream.