Friday, January 25, 2008

Ranking the evil opponents

Losing is never a good thing, but it's worse to lose to some teams than others.

I've given this a lot of thought over the last few weeks. This is my list of shame.

8. Bangladesh - it's great to see them win, even at our expense.

7. Pakistan - they've had a rough twelve months or so. The sympathy vote.

6. West Indies - it's a close call but I put the Windies here. They're ok.

5. New Zealand - they are worthy adversaries but beating New Zealand is like punching your special little brother. And although their hatred for us is the equivalent to our hatred for England, we just pity them in response (because we're too busy directing any potential reciprocal feelings towards the poms, you see). So I feel sorry for them really.

4. Sri Lanka - a threat in the ODI arena.

3. India - although it is getting close to a tie with South Africa for second place, way back I've got a bit of Indian heritage, so I suppose there is a small allegiance. But let me emphasise, it's miniscule. Their recent antics have put them higher on the list of shame.

2. South Africa - they're so SMUG. And they say we choke. What is that about?

1. England - of course. All heritage is out the window when it comes to the poms. In fact it probably makes it even more unbearable to lose to them.

While India, South Africa, England and Bangladesh are firm in their respective spots, the others are open to change... depending of course, on their level of threat.


Anonymous said...

I think India would be my no. 1 now. They are such a serious threat both in capital and talent.

2-England im an Aussie thats why.
3-SA everyone hates SA.

The rest well it's sought of like when i first went to a bullfight in Madrid. I thought the bull had a chance but it doesnt. Its really a ritual slaughter. At first I was really bummed, but then i just grabbed a Cerveza and lit a cigar and enjoyed the killing.

I dont know for how long we will be the bullfighter though.

Suave said...


We're the no 1 at something!

Shame it's not the quality of the cricket, but hey..

Miss Field said...

Take what you can get eh?

Suave said...

Too bloody right.

It's my philosophy on life, and it's served me right so far!

Suave said...

As an aside..

Have a great Australia day!

Miss Field said...

Yeah that's why you support England! Someone has to.

Why thank you. I wasn't going say anything, because I thought I'd be in for oodles of taunting... but I suppose it could happen yet. Cheers.