Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shauny does a Sally

Hands up if you know who Sally Robbins is.

Sally Robbins is famous for being the rower who decided that she'd had enough of rowing and she was going to lie down and take a rest. The only problem with her plan was that she and her team were in the middle of a gold medal race at the Athens Olympics. Up until that point, they had been well placed to take the bronze medal. After Super Sal decided she was mentally and physically exhausted and decided to lie down, we lost.

She quit. And that is un-Australian.

Shaun Tait has also quit. He also seems to think he is mentally and physically exhausted. I hereby deem him un-Australian.

In cricket, the Australian form is to be dropped. When you're dropped, you're gutted, you're determined to be selected again and you go to an extreme to be super fit to the point where the selectors would be publicly ridiculed for not picking you. It's happened to the best of them, and I might go so far as to suggest that it is one reason we are so fabulous.

As for Shaun Tait, well if he'd played in the fourth test there is no way he would have quit. Right? His timing almost makes it seem like he's chucking a tantrum.

I think he seriously let the side down at the Perth match, and yes he would have been dropped. But that isn't the end of the world. He could have gone away, improved and been picked again.

He may yet prove me wrong. I have no doubt he will in fact, simply because I suggested otherwise and the gods seem to like demonstrating irony on me. Although he might not be looked upon favourably for what he's done. A bit like ol Sally, when she expressed her desire to row for Australia again. Bahahaha! Good one, Sal.

Anyway I hope he does come back, because no one likes to see someone self-destruct. But snap out of it!

EDIT: I would like to clarify. Having a mental illness is different to doing a Sal. From the information that's been provided so far, he's lost his love of the game and is knackered. To me that does not imply a mental illness. It implies he's done a Sal.


Suave said...

I never knew anout Sally Robbins!

They say you learn a new thing everyday.

Well written, and a little more sympathetic than my effort!

Although He'd be much more ashamed after reading your post.
Mine, he'd take to bowling bouncers at me, with hand grenades!

Miss Field said...

Yeah, yours would inspire him to get back into form pronto, to do just that (and make sure he doesn't miss cos it'd be so funny if he did).

Suave said...

Especially if Brad Haddin is behind the stumps..

Seeing him explode into little bits would be both funny, and clear the way for your man Luke Ronchi to take the gloves!

Uncle J rod said...

Brad Haddin being blown up could work for me.

Mark said...

Tait's jumped before he did a proper Tresco.

Worrying really that someone that young felt he had to quit.

Golandaaz said...

Learnt something new about Sally Robbins.


Your post is too harsh on Tait though.

Sportsfreak said...

Miss Field,

Is it Australian to go squealing like a pig to the umpire if you hear someone saying something that’s not very nice?

BTW, there was something on the news here recently about Lay-down Sally going for the Beijing Olympics, but no-one else wanting it. What’s the update there?

Miss Field said...

That depends if the comment was racially motivated or not. I doubt anyone cricket-savvy would be so naive as to honestly think that the monkey comment wasn't intended to be a racist remark.

Tolerance of racism is unacceptable, it doesn't matter where you're from.

As for Sally, she's a class act. I haven't heard anything about her for a while, I'll have a look.

Miriam said...

On a totally unrelated note, I like the "upcoming tours" banner that you have. It's a good idea.

yatharth said...

I totally second Miriam. The upcoming tours banner won me over!

Miss Field said...

Thank you! It isn't finished yet, but it saves me having to try and find the calendar on cricinfo. I delude myself that I'll be able to afford to go to games in far away places.