Monday, February 25, 2008

And you thought the Oscars were hot?

Tomorrow night is the highlight of the calendar year for any cricket-loving heterosexual female... Allan Border Medal night (read: cricketers in tuxedos).

That is, until their blonde wig on a stick steps onto the red carpet after them. After that moment it's back to realms of fantasy for another year.

So, while I sit in the corner and feel sorry for myself for a) not being married to Ricky Ponting and b) there not being a bottle of H202 strong enough to make my hair blonde and not orange, who do we think will be the winners this year?

Will David Hussey be the state player of the year?

Will Matthew Hayden be the one day player of the year?

Will Brett Lee be the test player of the year?

And of course, which fachion victim will wear animal print? My money is on Michael Clarke.

The countdown is on. And I guess on the plus side for me, it's only really Australian cricketers for whom a blonde escort is a strict prerequisite.


Straight Point said...

i dunno about others but roy will be the joke of the year...

Miss Field said...

Well I'm going to stick my neck out and say I think Punter will win the Medal.

Anonymous said...

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