Monday, February 18, 2008

The bet of the year

Just to bring the bet back to the forefront, ideas are still being sought.

Some good ones have come through, but the more the merrier. At this point we think the loser will have to go to a match with a t-shirt proclaiming their love for their least favourite player. And as everyone knows, my least favourite player is Michael Vaughan.

But we'd still like suggestions... if England finish #2 (or #1) in the ICC test rankings by the end of the year, what would you like to see me do?


Suave said...

No he is not. You are horny for Vaughny and you know it..

Less cheating!

Damn natives, and their conniving ways!

Miss Field said...

Oh damn it. He was about 30 months ago!

It is a tough one. I either love them, are indifferent towards them, have an inexplicable soft spot for them, fancy them or pity them.

miriam said...

You're both getting Smithy and you know it.

The Atheist said...

How about a loser streak?

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