Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Brissie is un-Australian!

Trust Brisbane.

I'd suggest that the venue should be changed if the weather forecast is looking categorically shabby, and let's face it, this game being a washout was almost a given (it's been pouring over there for weeks) but then again if this was the case we'd never have a game played in England.

Still, it's gotta bite if you paid $70 for a ticket and didn't get a full game. I declare that rain contravenes the spirit of the game. Fear not, the temperature is blistering here in Perth, and it's not looking to ease, let alone rain, for ages as yet. I daresay a full game will be played next Friday! Huzzah!

And speaking of the spirit of the game, Rohit Sharma was fined for dissent. He was given out and disputed it. Excuse me, but isn't that a display of particularly poor sportsmanship, o India the Righteous. Mind you, apparently he clearly wasn't out, so that is very disappointing, and yet again resurrects the third umpire debate.

To New Zealand (not literally, damn it), where England are proving to be a marginally superior team to the Black Caps. Boo! Dimitri Mascarenhas (who?) scored four consecutive sixes off Jeetan Patel in the first Twenty20 in Auckland (type that into your phone... it'll say Bucklame. Yay Bucklame!).

Poor Patel. Obviously the English don't feel the same affectionate tug at the heartstrings we Aussies sometimes do when we're on the brink of delivering the Kiwis a hammering. Not that it's ever stopped us delivering said hammering, but he could at least have spaced his sixes out a little more kindly.

I am waiting for New Zealand to improve. "The England" cannot be allowed to win. It is forbidden.

Finally, cricinfo has squeezed out some editorial about how Lord's and the Oval have been recommended as possible venues for next year's Twenty20 World Championship. Was there ever any doubt it would be at one of these two venues? Must be a slow news day, especially after the tumultuous last few weeks.

EDIT: Dimitri Mascarenhas went to Trinity College which is attached to the WACA. No wonder he was capable of four sixes in a row, the Australian lifestyle has obviously affected him. Hark!


Straight Point said...

i can see you point..

rain is not good for anybody...the broadcasters, the players, the spectators and still nothing seems to be done towards this malice...

off hand suggestion is when its sure that full match wont take place they can shift the match to the last ODI and move to a place in day advance where we can have a play?? too problematic??

Miss Field said...

Well I don't see why it couldn't just be postponed, obviously it would still have to be played within a reasonable timeframe, but it does seem like a waste.

The Atheist said...

Bucklame has been around the England twenty-20 set-up for a while. I think he hit thirty off the last over of the innings in our match against the Indians.

I think Sehwag was bowling - poor blighter.

Miriam said...

It was Yuvraj bowling. He got his revenge later, served icy-chilled, off Stuart Broad.

miriam said...

Piyush Chawla dropped a catch off the first of those sixes, by falling onto the rope. I felt sorry for him, because he's only little.

Leg Break said...

It’s Auckland that gets translated to Bucklame with predictive text.

Not a bad translation, given its inability to host sporting events of any size. Fans with pre-purchased tickets had to queue for 2 hours the other night to get in.

Oomby Dave said...

Speaking of venues and no rain, it doesn't rain on the moon. Why not have it there. Would be funny to see the ball go so high and the players jumping around for it;)

Miss Field said...

I'm sure Andrew Symonds is well capable of fielding on the moon.

LB - what was the hold up?

Leg Break said...

The hold-up was just general incompetence and officiousness.

Apparently those buying tickets got in quicker which has really wound people up. Does tend to give the impression that if they’ve already got your money it doesn’t matter.

And even more alarmingly, the beer ran out at half-time.

BTW, this ground is supposed to be holding a Rugby World Cup final in a few years time, once people stop bitching and extend its capacity...

Miss Field said...

That is alarming.

We're having a similar problem here with our football stadium. It needs to be bigger, but God help us, progress!

Actually I was hoping to get to the next RWC over there... if the Wallabies get good again. Otherwise I'm not sure it'd be worth the crap I'd get dished!

Leg Break said...

Problem with Eden Park is that it’s in the middle of suburbia. They should’ve used the RWC opportunity to get themselves a decent one down on the waterfront, but bitching got in the way. Auckland isn’t really a city; rather a collection of 5 small cities touching each other.

Don’t book anything yet MF; there’s every chance the semis and final will be in Sydney.

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