Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A few things

I'm going to the one dayer on Friday. Yay! Just need to figure out how to skive off from work. Hmm. But I shall contain my anticipation and bask in the events of today.

New Zealand's defeat of England has been covered far more eloquently than I could ever be.

"fucking village..."

"England: useless like a dead monkey"

"spectacularly... pathetically... feeble"

et al

However I feel it was cricinfo who summed it up best with this headline...

Ryder and McCullum trounce England.

Yep, that's right. A two-man squad could defeat England, and even without the backyard cricket rules.

Sri Lanka beat India and this made me ever so happy, especially after they suggested we are scared of them. Fools! It was a good day in Canberra today.

Also it looks like the Australian tour of Pakistan won't go ahead. I'm pleased with this. Cricket is not an island, nor do I believe it should be (unless it was just up from Antigua, I'd go there in the winter).

The actions of cricketers and cricket boards reverberate, and I think touring countries that are governed by suspicious regimes is seen to endorse said suspicious regimes, whether they mean to or not is irrespective. Plus it's just so unstable with opposition forces as well in Pakistan. If it's not safe it is just not worth the risk.

I'd die if something terrible happened to my Andrew. Or any of them.

Anyway. I've decided to quit my job and play bass guitar in a Wolfmother cover band. Have fun, ya'll.


Oomby Dave said...

Very insightful, go the Ruddanaught!

David Barry said...

I think touring countries that are governed by suspicious regimes is seen to endorse said suspicious regimes
This is a tough issue for me and I honestly can't work out what my principles are. I'm happy for the Pakistan tour to be cancelled on safety reasons. But if no cricket team ever toured Pakistan when it is/was a military dictatorship, there wouldn't have been international cricket in Pakistan for about half of the country's history.

There's a principled logic to not touring on political grounds, but I like cricket too much to want that to happen.

Perhaps that's my principle: if Zimbabwe had a really good cricket team, had produced several legends of the game, would I want Australia to play cricket against them? I don't know, but it'd be a tougher decision than it is now, with them being useless.

Jrod said...

I think touring countries that are governed by suspicious regimes is seen to endorse said suspicious regimes. Makes sense.

But whose suspicions do we use, cause i don't trust any governments.

Least of all ours, past or present.

Miss Field said...

David - I agree, it's a tough one. By not touring you're also denying the people of that country access to the game, which is something we take for granted.

Jrod - I hate to bandy about the phrase "democratically-elected" but I guess that's what I mean. We're lucky that our political climate is stable. You might not trust the government but at least you won't get shot for expressing your point of view in not trusting the government.

Jrod said...

Well I haven't been shot yet.

Miss Field said...

I'm pleased for you.

The Atheist said...

It must feel great to say "fools!" about the opposition team without irony.

One day, England will give me that gift.

One day...

Have fun on Friday - be sure to take plenty of pictures for us.

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