Sunday, February 10, 2008

Give me a minute to stop laughing and I'll write the post

Result New Zealand won by 6 wickets (with 120 balls remaining).

Welcome back, England!

They got their arses kicked! Clearly the mere suggestion of visiting Australia was enough to make the lads wet themselves. So I do take partial credit for this victory.

And to think I'd nearly written the Black Caps off, following the advice and support of newfound New Zealand blogmates. I knew they wouldn't let me down for long. In Wellington and all! Aw!

While it's obvious the Black Caps were the better team, I also believe that it was more a case of "The England" returning to the poor form we all expect, moreso than the Kiwis improving drastically, and I mean that as no slight on the win.

Dishonourable mentions go to...
Captain Collingwood - I saw his run out on the news. Poor little guy was as red as the fabric on his shoulders. Fool!
KP - bowled Oram, for 6. Sounds like heaven. Is the footage on youtube yet? Pietersen vs Oram. Hell yeah!
Bell - bowled Martin, for 5. Heh. Heh. I wonder if he broke a nail as he made those five runs. I cannot begin to imagine how worrisome that prospect must be for him. Poor kid.
Jimmeh - economy of 7.

Honourable mentions to the Kiwi bowlers, none of them had an economy rate over 3.00. Beaut.

Soo... what's more embarrassing, losing by six wickets, or being all out for 130, or having that made up in only 30 overs? Life's full of tough choices. I guess the 130 is the starting point of the shame, and the rest followed sweetly behind.

The next one dayer is in Hamilton, hometown of Danny Luca (sounds like he could be a child of Anna Nicole Smith), on Tuesday. Hamilton is a small place. I remember it being semi-industrial. I also remember not seeing Captain Vettori conveniently walking down any streets. Very disa-ponting.

Anyway. I like the 2pm start time (10am here, I think). The apple+tab function on my computer at work is well-used when there's cricket on. One minute of work, one minute of cricket. Ah!

As a side, I'm looking forward to seeing Jesse Ryder prove himself over the next few weeks, even if he was caught by a sub in the game tonight (and I mean substitute fielder, keep it clean). It's going to happen, and there are words that will need eating, and for once they won't be mine.

New Zealand you do me proud. Cousins across the ditch, I salute you!


Leg Break said...

Interesting comment about Bell's nails. Highlight for me last night was when Swann dropped Ryder off a scorcher at short mid-wicket. He spent the rest of the over checking whether he'd broken any nails.

It was probably the worst running between the wickets I've ever seen by an international side.. Take Collingwood. He dived to early and had stopped by the time the ball came in.

Parore won't be looking forward to having to eat his words re Ryder; he might get fat.

BTW, Hamilton is a real dive.

Miss Field said...

I guess they're just not very well practiced at running between wickets, they don't seem to bother very often.

Leg Break said...

Yeah, England were awful.

They couldn't even make 159.

Miss Field said...

That still makes our performance about 22% better than theirs, not taking into consideration the difference in talent of the opposition.

Was rather crappy though.

Suave said...

it was all the palaver of the stabby woman at the airport, what done it, I tells ya..

I reckon the boys were scared it was an old flame, from the last tour, come to haunt them

Leg Break said...


I can assure you that the mad woman trying to hijack the plane the other day would not have been "known" to the English cricketers of 2002.

Paul Nixon wasn't on that tour...

The Atheist said...

Yeah. I was going to write a similar post about Australia's performance today.

But I decided that I was above that sort of thing...

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