Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The glamour, the shame

2 points for me. Shit. I should have bet. This always happens. Hurrah for Haydos, the one day player of the year. The worldwide blogging community love and adore you Matty, and I'm sure they're all very pleased for you too.

Here are some random observations.

I am now more certain than ever that Brett Lee gets Botox injections. I know that "you're all laughing at me but I can't move my face to show emotion" look anywhere.

David Hussey
missed out on state player of the year, Queenslander Ashley Noffke was the winner. And good WA lad Luke Pomersbach won the Bradman Young Player of the Year. Score! Next year it's Theo Doropoulos' turn. Got that, Theo?!

Andrew Symonds, Brendon Julian, Mark Nicholas and Ricky Ponting are looking gorgeous. And seeing Brendon Julian and Mark Nicholas on stage together is... nice.

Do the Rogue Traders have a contract with Cricket Australia or what? Because they annoy me, cricket medal nights should feature classy crossover singers like Sarah Brightman, not that God-awful talentless woman. Natalie Bassingthwaighte, please be advised that dresses should not be so short when thighs are so thundery. And please don't shriek at me. I can hear you well enough.

Lara Bingle is a tart. The top half of Mel Gilchrist's dress is nasty. Shane Warne's daughter Brooke is a ranga, like she hasn't got enough problems. I'm just not sure what Kellie Hayden is wearing. Why is Glenn McGrath wearing lilac? Why? And I would very much like vision control to show Brad Hodge now, thanks.

What is Kevin Harrington doing there?

And who is Andrew Symonds with?! Oh, she's the blondest of them all. Grr!


Suave said...

Mark Nicholas, For The WIN!

he's a lovely fella, and as suave as they come.

Miss Field said...

He is! I wanted to use that word, because it's so perfect, but... naaaaaaaaaaaah.

sasha said...

He sure loves Brett's smile, huh!

Female Gilchrist looked like her head was about to be consumed by a particularly vicious doily.

It was also nice to see Natalie Bassingwhatsherface pay tribute to Fräulein Maria with her ensemble, I hear curtains are hot this autumn.

Miss Field said...

Hey Sasha. Yeah I always thought Mel had more sense, surely she'd have some fashion sense. Adam shouldn't even have let her out of their house in Perth with that packed in her suitcase!

Thanks for the reminder about the curtains, I knew I'd forgotten something.

Suave said...

You know it makes sense Missy..

I want a "Mark Nicholas is the second suavest person I know" post.


Miss Field said...

Haha I just got the Fraulein Maria reference properly, shame on me. I used to watch that film on loop as a kid. Yay for poaching sexy older men off gold digging tarts! And singing while you're doing it! In Austria! Sounds wonderful.

But Suave, other than "Mark Nicholas is the second suavest person I know" what else could the post possibly say?!

Suave said...

Just general love for daddy suave.

I will do it myself, one day soon.

miriam said...

I think the Baroness in the Sound of Music is misunderstood.

Miss Field said...

Yeah you have a point Miriam. If some trainee nun ran off with my man I'd be pretty ticked off.

miriam said...

Ranga = redhead, y? See I am learning your Australian words.

there's nothing wrong with red hair.

Marlo said...

oh my gosh. Your blog is so humiliating!
Don't you ever feel like just packing it in..?
Don't be so self important and claim to write about cricket when you're clearly just a bitchy girl who can't leave highschool behind!

I bet you're the kind of girl who knows shit about fashion and pop culture, so please don't try and write about it. Stick to what you 'know'.

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