Sunday, February 24, 2008

He's not just back, he's sexy back!

Ricky Ponting, our brother, our captain, our king.

He's back. He said during the mid-game interview that he'd "been away for a while" SO I WAS RIGHT. His imposter has been playing for him, and poorly. Lucky Ricky came back in time to save himself!

Let's see, he scored 124 and was in for 46 or so overs. He scored seven 4s and one 6. The first innings finished 7 for 317 after the full 50 overs. That's better, boys. Whatever the outcome of this game is, I'm really proud of him.

Elsewhere, Jesse Ryder has been sidelined for three months after his hand met glass and the glass won. He was trying to break into a toilet that had been locked and broke a window, poor poppet.

It happened at 5.30 am so it sounds like drunken escapades to me! This afternoon he had surgery, a reconstruction to the exterior tendon on his index finger, a flap reconstruction, and a skin graft. Ouch. It'll be six weeks before he can even start training lightly.

Team New Zealand's general manager Lindsay Crocker commented.
"...this behaviour is unacceptable and we will have a serious discussion with him to ensure situations like this do not occur in the future. Ryder will pay for the damage and apologise to the bar owner. No further disciplinary action will be taken as Jesse's injuries should serve as enough of a lesson on this occasion."

Best wishes, you drunken lout. Don't worry, if New Zealand dump you, you've ticked the first criteria box for England selection.

EDIT: To the person who searched "Ricky Ponting is so sexy" and ended up here, I'm glad you agree.


Jrod said...

The aliens have left his brain due to general lack of interest.

Miss Field said...

Lack of activity in there?

miriam said...

Frickin typical. I swap Ponting out of my fantasy cricket team and this happens.

Miss Field said...

Haha I remember you pre-empted that. I hope you swapped him for someone just as good.

miriam said...

Um, Michael Clarke.

Q said...

I did exactly the same thing Miriam - I kept Ponting till now hoping he wud score, last night I sub him and he gets a century! And I swapped him for Sachin.

Im still leading though Miriam.

Good work Miss Field, my 1st time here and enjoying it.

miriam said...

Yes, you are still leading, and I'm not holding out much hope of getting revenge in our scrabulous game either. Sigh.

Jrod said...

Yeah, they were hoping for a bit more action up there.

Instead all they got was, when is Warney coming back, why wont marto call and jeez the top of my head is hot.

Q said...

Don't worry Miriam - they're will be many more fantasy cricket and scrabulous games :-)

bubbleonfire said...

I'm not a ponting fan but it was a nice read.

Miss Field said...

Thank you. I like the pics of the lads that you have up on your blog.

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