Friday, February 29, 2008

It's a bird! No...


This is a seriously awesome photo. He looks like he's flying! It works as a Superman thing, but if I was any good at PhotoShop I'd edit him in a broomstick. Seeker Potter vs Seeker Hopes. O yeah!


billybob_chider said...

Pity he couldn't conjure up a win for us as well. This match was so deliciously scripted the WWE would be proud.

Ricky said he wanted a chase, so he let Sri Lanka get a competitive score. Chasing 222 would no doubt give Richie something to talk about.

Then he said, aww we might as well give Gilly a send off, so in he comes and warms up a Melbourne crowd in the grips of an Antarctic spell. The rest of the order get themselves out, and it's up to Binga and Bracks to grab a miraculous win (yeah right). They look like doing it. Enter the "Buddha" Jayasuriya, who's also having his swansong in Australia. One ugly across the line swipe from Binga and it's all over, giving Sri Lanka a "fairytale" win :D.

The crowd, teams and the bookies are all happy :).

Naked Cricket said...

"they call me the seeker" -

©hinaman said...

Did he manage to 'snitch' it?

Miss Field said...

Billybob, I didn't mind losing that game, I must admit. It was a good match, and Sri Lanka aren't particularly evil, so go them!

Good one, Naked Cricket.

Chinaman... Hmmm. I'm not sure, to be honest. Looking at the photo, I don't think he would have. But hey... magic happen!

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