Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lil Dodgeball, look at him go

Brad Hodge!

The tuxedo-wearing (mmm) ambassador for Wolf Blass has proven why he's worthy of this post by making a century in his one hundredth one dayer. Cricinfo are going with the following headline: Hodge rams into Bulls with match-winning century. Sounds pretty good to me.

In fact it was a career-best 119 not out from 134 balls, and he (and Cameron White) saved the game for Victoria. Aww! Good work D-ball. Just don't tell selectors how to do their job, and we may yet see your face in the national side more than just sporadically.

The thing is, if it is Victoria and Tassie in the final, who would I rather win? Captain Ponting hails from Tassie, but Hodgey is a Victorian. A Tassie-dweller egged the Sri Lankans, but the Bushrangers beat us in the Twenty20 final. Tasmania don't really do any other sport, and the Vics think they own the AFL.

Alright I think it'll be Tassie. But I hope the Hedgehog does well.


Suave said...

You Tasmanian Devil, you!

I'm going to side with my good friend J Rod, I reckon.

My reasoning behind this.
J Rod is a cool fella, and he's a victorian.
Bill Lawry is a Victorian.

The only Australians I have as friends in the capital of the world (London), are from melbourne or Sydney (and NSW aren't involved).
They seem like the only two cities, that would be interesting enough to make me want to live there.

Tasmanians seem as if they come from a very small gene pool.

Miss Field said...

Have you ever visited?

You're right, Tasmania do have the highest rate of birth defects in the country. Two-headed mob they are.

Suave said...

Not as yet...

I'm planning to do so for the next ashes tours. I've got friends living in Sydney & Melbourne, so would be good to catch the boxing day & new years day tests...

Why doesn't that surprise me!

Miss Field said...

That would be cool. You'll find our cricket grounds are filled with 50% Australian supporters, 50% English supporters, which from my point of view is very disappointing.

You wouldn't join the Ba...Bar... them... would you?

Suave said...

Of course not, they're far too uncouth for a suave fella, like myself!

I will be creating a Suave army, of men in three piece suits, wearing bowler hats, and carrying a brolly and briefcase at all opportunities.

We will say Huzzah, and what what, and drink jolly gin and tonics..

But mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.

Miss Field said...

I like. I hope your clone army outnumbers that other army, and they decide to go with your approach instead. Far more civilised!

miriam said...

I'm going Victoria. Because:

1) It's Uncle J Rod's team

2) I like Bryce McGain

3) I have 2 friends in Melbourne.


4) A Tasmanian threw an egg at Murali.

Miss Field said...

Oh my God, I'm about to be talked out of this. Ok. Victoria pros...
1. I like Brad Hodge
2. I like James Hird
3. I like the place.
4. Their uniforms are nicer than Tassie's
5. The MCG.

Wait, no, Australians don't like Victorians, it's just how it is. Kick a Vic!

Ohhh I don't know.

Uncle J rod said...

Are you sure Ricky Ponting is Tasmanian, a man who lives with the uppercrust in sydney and has a rug on his head, couldn't have been born in Launceston. I say it's a publicists decision to say he was from there.

And i think its nice you like brad Hodge, someone has to. Perhaps you should tell the selectors that he deserves to be in the aussie team, it will save him from doing so.

Suave & Miriam, you are both on my cool list, just behind Byrce and the guy that invented bread rolls.

Miss Field said...

Actually I don't think he was born there, but as you know he plays for them, when he stoops to mere domestic cricket.

Gotta love the rug.

Uncle J rod said...

He was born in Launceston, and he does play domestic cricket with Tassie, after catching the plane down and introducing himself to all the new faces.

Miss Field said...

Really? I'm surprised. I guess that might explain the slight I-almost-scored-an-extra-chromosome look he has.

Miriam said...

I'm on a cool list? That's literally never happened before!

Uncle J rod said...

Miriam I doubt that.

Miss Field said...

Yeah Miriam, you're uber-cool. Maybe I should start a cool list down by my apologies list.

miriam said...

Oh, you guys! You are too kind. I am going to have to go and watch rom coms now to get my cynicism back.

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