Friday, February 1, 2008

The Satanic Circus and the big bad BCCI

I don't know very much about the ICL. I've been having a look around and trying to gather some information about it, but I value any insight.

I understand that the ICC sets up programmes for developing cricketing countries with profits, and I think that is fantastic, but on the other hand, recent events have brought to light for me the supreme power that the BCCI seems to hold over the ICC and the rest of the cricketing world. So in that sense isn't competition good?


Siddharth said...

The ICL is a "rebel" league run by one of India's bigger media tycoons, who (apparently) started it off since he didn't get telecast rights from the BCCI (much like Packer).

The first season was a relative failure (irrespective of the organisers claiming it to be a modest success). If 2,000 people turn up to watch Lara, Inzy, Klusener or Cairns, then in Indian terms it is a massive failure. There ought be at least 10 times that number. I think it is an excellent concept that has give the BCCI a kick up its backside which has been forced to increase the match fees of domestic cricketers drastically.

As for it being competition for the BCCI, I'm not quite so sure. The BCCI hasn't allowed them use of any fields, the TV coverage is very poor, and most of the cricketers are not crowd pullers (barring the few that I've mentioned earlier) and the IPL has all the big fry.

That said, the IPL will be a professionally managed event (not because of the BCCI), but because of the guys owning the teams. As an Indian fan, I can tell you that the BCCI is one of the most pathetic sporting bodies in the world run by a bunch of politicians who know very little of the game. The don't even a website!! hehe..

sorry for the long post.

Straight Point said...

i don't think ICL can even be termed competition...specially after their lackluster first season...

i think ICL has done its bit already in terms of propelling BCCI to do something for domestic cricket...before that i doubt they know such things existed in india...

sportsfreak said...

I just hope the Indian public, and TV audience, ignore the satanic circus.

That'll bring it to its rightful end

Miss Field said...

Siddharth I appreciate the long post.

So in terms of players having their contracts terminated by their countries for signing up to ICL, is that fair?

And I've been hearing on the news that teams (including the Warriors I believe) have been "selected to go and play in India"). Is that for this?

Miriam said...

That's for the Champions Twenty20 League, yet another Twenty20 competition in India (a bit like the football Champions League) which will feature domestic Twenty20teams from England, Aus, India and I think S Africa too.

Miss Field said...

Ah. It's all happening in India. Is the Champions Twenty20 League evil?

Miriam said...

I think it's good, but to be honest I'm struggling to keep up with all these new leagues.


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