Monday, February 18, 2008

Theeeeo, way to go

I am a Theo Doropoulos shipper. For a while it looked like he would be dropped, but he hasn't been, and over the weekend he did good!

In the Twenty20 final (which I was at the WACA for) back in January he was the second highest scorer with 43 (exactly half of Shaun Marsh's 86, hmm) before he was caught and bowled by J rod's future prime minister, the traitor, the brother of sexy Michael, the very talented David Hussey. Shame we lost, damn Victorian tail and superior bowlers.

Anyway on Saturday he scored 75 runs on the road to WA's total of 242. In response, Queensland could only muster 111 with Watto top scoring with 46. In fact he the Warriors were 4 for 33 until Theo showed up and smacked 75 off 63 balls. And that was with four sixes and all.

It was his second 50 in as many games, and considering 44 and 41 were the next highest scores on Saturday, he was without a doubt the star of the show. He also caught Nathan Reardon, batting fourth, for a duck. So the Warriors' six game losing streak has come to an end, and I think Theo is largely responsible (and maybe a bit of credit to the WA bowlers who got the Bulls out in 17.5(!) overs. Shiza! Good work boys.)

I hope he continues to be selected, and in more first class matches.

cricinfo Aus have labelled him "brutal". Lovely! Let's watch this one.


Jrod said...

I'm just glad he finally made runs against someone other than Victoria.

Jrod said...

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