Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What's wrong with Glenn?

I've got one best mate who'll be seriously ticked that none of the IPL folk showed any interest in Glenn McGrath at today's auction. I'm also very surprised. I know he's a bit out of it, but... it's Glenn McGrath! I thought there'd be some interest.

On the other hand, I'm not at all surprised that my Andrew attracted the highest bidding for any of the Australians. According to whoever bought him, he's worth over $1 million. He's worth more to me! Maybe that's why no one could afford Glenn. They were hell-bent on forking all their money out on Andy.

Binga and Gilly were both also bought for sums that would be enough to buy more than just a very nice house.

Ricky Ponting on the other hand was bought for a mere $400 000, and Warney for $480 000. I would have thought Shaaaane would have been worth a lot more and I think Punter might have been worth more if he hadn't gone AWOL and had his inferior impersonator doing his job lately.

I wonder, having seen what everyone's worth in the eyes of a third party, how they all feel about themselves and each other. I wonder if there is any resentment that some are worth more than others, if certain players feel they were undersold. Or, you know, not sold at all.

Mahendra Dhoni got cost $1.6 million. I wish someone would pay me $1.6 million to play Twenty20 cricket for a few weeks. Or you know, just pay me $1.6 million.

Where are all the England players among this? Maybe they got letters telling them not to worry putting their names in the hat. "Don't worry, Ian, we'll call you." Still, I'd have been curious to see what they were worth.


Suave said...

The England players are all centrally contracted to the ECB.

Those who are not, are contracted to their county teams, and that's bang at the start of the county season.

So no English players, would legally be able to play.

I too am shocked about Pigeon.. I know he's not played for a while, but you can bet he'd keep it tight for four overs..

Miss Field said...

What I'm confused about is I thought our players are all supposed to be in the West Indies in April and on.

And I considered going and all. I'm glad I didn't if they aren't bothering to turn up!

Maybe they thought Glenn's mullet would detract from Ishant Sharma's. Can't have that.

Straight Point said...

goes to show how quickly things changes when its about money...

every body will go ga-ga over GM for length for free...but when its time to put your money on...its different ball game altogether...

Miss Field said...

But I honestly thought (arrogant Australian that I may be) that he would have been worth something.

Wouldn't you have thought?

Straight Point said...


but money understands and speaks different language MF...

Miss Field said...

I guess I might find out someday, if I get oodles of it.

The Atheist said...

Actually, none of the England players were eligible for the auction because none of them passed the pre-screening Sexy Test.

It happens a lot in this part of the world.

Suave said...

$350,000 for Pigeon..

He's gone to Delhi..

Same price for MEK Hussey

Abhi said...

It's nothing to be shocked of, despite the low prices that Aussies have garnered. If you take a look at EPL , English players are overpriced as they are.. well English. Same here.

Brisbane said...

I would have thought his and others value would be based on at least the following:

Crowd pulling ability
Marketability (advertising)
Game winning ability
Game thrilling ability

Hence Pidge fails to excite in all areas. He isn't popular like Gilly or Binga (in India), is over the hill and is likely to get flogged.

That said I'd give him a pint of my blood if he needed it.

Jrod said...

In the excitement stakes he is no Simon Katich, that is for sure.

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