Sunday, February 17, 2008

Where in the world is Ricky Ponting?

Have you seen this man?He's absent without leave and we need him back. This man...
...has been playing for him lately and unfortunately the difference has been noticed. This is not Ricky Ponting.

Let's have a look at the impersonator's recent innings'...

Dec 26 - 29 (Melbourne)
RT Ponting b Khan 4
RT Ponting c Dravid b Harbhajan Singh 3

Jan 2 - 6 (Sydney)
RT Ponting lbw b Harbhajan Singh 55
RT Ponting c Laxman b Harbhajan Singh 1

Jan 16 - 18 (Perth)
RT Ponting c Dravid b Sharma 20
RT Ponting c Dravid b Sharma 45

Jan 24 - 28 (Adelaide)
RT Ponting b Sehwag 140 (some outlier! - what happened?)

Feb 10 Australia v India (Melbourne)
RT Ponting c Tendulkar b I Sharma 9

Feb 15 Australia v Sri Lanka (Perth)
RT Ponting c Jayawardene b Vaas 25

Feb 17 Australia v India (Adelaide)
RT Ponting c RG Sharma b Patel 10

Es nicht gut!

Dear Ricky Ponting,

Is it something we did? We miss you and we need you.

If you want to have a holiday, please just say, don't go getting your stunt double to do the job for you, we're better off with Brad Hodge.

And next time, please don't go out of mobile phone range so we can ring you and tell you to hurry back while your captaincy and all is still secure.

We hope to see you very soon. If you need counseling, please don't hesitate to contact me. For you I'm available at any hour of the day.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Field for Cricket Australia
Images: cricinfo


Jrod said...

He has a back related form issue.

Which all started when the rug was placed on top.

Coincidence, i think not.

Miss Field said...

You're so right!

He's the anti-Samson.

miriam said...

I've just swapped him out of my fantasy cricket side, so he is GUARANTEED to start performing from now on.

The Atheist said...

As an English fan, I can tell you what's happened to Ricky Ponting:


Miss Field said...


We won those Ashes back fair and square!

©hinaman said...

Ran out on a miss-field?

Where's chivalry these days?

The Sporting Spirit said...

I think the Indian bowlers got to him a bit, harbhajan in the early tests and then Ishant Sharma has been bowling amazing to him. Just lacking confidence....its amazing I am saying that for Ricky but it proves he is human.

They are still winning matches though...which matters more...than his scores...

Miss Field said...

Chinaman I wonder the same thing myself.

Sporting Spirit, you are right at least we're winning, but not as convincingly as we were not too long ago. And yeah, Ricky Ponting never used to be human. He was a machine! Now I think he's changing into a human. Hopefully not for long.

LBW said...

Have you seen Yuvraj Singh's scores lately?

I bet Ponting looks like 100 x Bradman when compared to Yuvraj.


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