Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Andrew Symonds shares the love

I wonder if this man fancies Andrew Symonds. Not that I can blame him, but there are the right forums for declaring your undying love, you know. I guess other people declare their undying love for each other at cricket games, but usually they're fully clothed couples on the brink of getting hitched. And this man didn't do his homework, for Roy is not only heterosexual, he also has a girlfriend. A very expensive mistake to make.

Maybe he doesn't fancy him, I'd say it's 50-50 really. But I think, if you make a calculated decision to streak at a cricket match, you probably want to consider different options to running straight at Andrew Symonds, who is built like the proverbial brick shit house.
Oh well, I suppose if the cricket thing falls through, I'm sure there'd be a spot for Andy in the Wallabies' team. And the streaker could sell his story to Today Tonight.

Apparently the fine for streaking at the 'Gabba is $3000. Here in Perth, it's $5000, so I'd say that's a bargain if your heart's greatest desire is to declare your love for an uber sexy, ultra tank cricketer in front of tens of thousands of people... naked. Just don't expect a warm welcome, especially if you're a bloke.

So not even 20 overs in we're five wickets down and need a hundred and something to win. Stranger things have happened, but based on our recent record I'd say it's not looking too good. But I have faith.
Photo: AFP


Anonymous said...

Symmo's training with the Broncos obviously came in handy there :)

Apparently another one started running towards you know who when India was fielding. Thanks to security, another possible controversy averted.

The Atheist said...

Excellent. The world needs more streakers.

I like to see Symmonds getting in on the action in this shot. Perhaps we should organise a cricket match between streakers and pros?

Miss Field said...

Good grief, imagine that. Do the streakers get to be naked? Not the wicketkeeper I hope.

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