Friday, March 14, 2008

Glenn McGrath: still useful

I received something interesting in the mail at work today, and I sent my best mate Ruth the following text message: "You'll never guess which cricketer's photos landed on my desk this morning. I'll give you a clue, he's holding a bat but he really shouldn't be."

To which, quick as lightning, she replied: "Is it MPV?"

Fantastic! But no. "Sorry, couldn't resist. What is old Glenn up to these days?" she wrote.

Let me tell you.

It was a Landcare Australia media release and two proper old-school 4x6 glossy photographs of Glenn McGrath. I think they PhotoShopped his teeth. Also, his mullet has gone and the sensible climate change hippie haircut suits him far better.

He's on the global warming bandwagon, and is now an ambassador for Landcare. This particular media release is about a program called CarbonSMART which enables plebs like me to reduce my carbon footprint and purchase carbon credits for my household use. Quite an impressive concept.

Anyway, the old Pigeon. Arguably he should be more inclined to work at reducing his carbon footprint, by all accounts he has enormous feet. Ah, sorry.

Er. His quotes are amazingly, uncharacteristically articulate for the great man, and include such rhetoric as "My family is originally from the land. That's why I'm right behind Landcare."


"For example, adjusting our thermostat, changing the shower head and of course if I was still pulling on the whites, I'd be washing them in cold water!"

I think my life just changed. Did yours?

To the photos!

Here he is showing us what he does in the shower with his large tool.
He really is quite tall. I wonder if being taller than your shower door is a pain in the arse. I don't mean that in any literal sense, just wondering.

And here he is out the front of his carbon-neutral Cronulla mansion showing us what he does best......indeed. I think it's safe to say that if Glenn McGrath's batting had to save us all from global warming, well we're screwed aren't we? On both accounts we collectively half-close our eyes, half-turn away and think... let's just get this over with.

Finally, yes I bag him, but at least he's doing something worthwhile with his celebrity. "Landcare, yeah yeah" beats "Advanced Hair, yeah yeah" any day.

You save the world Glenn. I'm off to have a shower. Back in 30 minutes or so.


Suave said...

That's funny..

McGrath holding a bat, almost properly!!

That's got to be a first.

Miss Field said...

I know! It's like one of those "What's wrong with this picture?" things.

miriam said...

He's wearing more makeup than me, and that's saying something.

The Atheist said...

Is it me, or has he aged about minus ten years?

miriam said...

It's the wonders of touche eclat. Either that or a Photoshop of Horrors.

King Cricket said...

Does Glenn McGrath shower clothed?

Miss Field said...

Well he seems to be one dedicated little vegemite, so maybe he does shower clothed to save on washing machine usage.

Straight Point said...

actually this pics landed accidentally to your inbox...GM wanted to send them to IPL to show that he can hold bat too...after his first auction was poorly low...

may be next time...

Jrod said...

As an Australian female journalist you shouldn't be mentioning sports players feet.

Ian Thorpe would not be amused.

miriam said...

That foot thing is a myth. Also, it's not all about line and length.

Leg Break said...

If he really wants to reduce his carbon footprint why doesn’t he go back to living in a trailer park?

Jrod said...

Or make his Glenn McGrath bbq sauce from organic foods.

Anonymous said...

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