Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's over

Well done India. Congratulations. Well deserved. Kudos to you. Good work, and all the rest...

...but who's presenting himself and why does Ishant Sharma look like he's trying to rip his clothes off?

And Sachin should be at the front, for reasons many and varied.
Photo: Getty Images


Homer said...

the perils of a small stage Miss Field..Surely the CA could have done better?


©hinaman said...

The difference between the teams was a certain Sachin Tendulkar. 208 runs of the Indian 500 scored in the finals were his.

If this is his last tour of Australia, he bid goodbye in style.
And silenced his critics.

Anonymous said...

The Aussies are in danger of going the way of George "Dubya". Times may be a'changing. Simply outplayed, and a few million more Pepsi cans will be drunk across India given Tendulkar's performance.

Once again, the evils of Brisbane rear their ugly head.


Miss Field said...

You're right Homer, it's CA's fault. Give them the stage on which they (and the rest of the world) can properly adulate their lord and master, or let them stand on the grass, damn it!

Billybob, I don't like criticising Brisbane... got into trouble for it not too long ago.

Samir Chopra said...

Looks like Ishant is copping a sniff there.

And, thanks for the link! Straight back atcha! (Been meaning to do it for a while, actually).


Miss Field said...

No worries mate.

Shivam said...

they where the desrving winners, well done to them.

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