Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Like feeding time at the zoo...

Oh my goodness. The cricket highlights are on. Michael Vaughan is on the telly. Swoon! It's been a while between drinks.

New Zealand are off to a pretty average start, but I've been in touch with the boys and made it very clear that I expect better tomorrow. They seemed to understand. It is good to see Matthew Hoggard again (even better when his playing is mediocre, what a considerate chap he is!).

To follow up on my front-line reporting of Ronald, here he is looking rather morose. Poor love. I saw the replay, it looked very "ouch". Guess he wasn't faking to get to Mt Hutt.

I really wish the Barmy Army would just shut up. Am I alone in this sentiment? Hearing them carrying on ruins my cricket-viewing. It's great to be loyal, but maybe they could demonstrate their loyalty in other ways... a vow of silence springs to mind. I suppose it's good to know they don't just stalk us... just because they wish their relatives had stolen a loaf of bread...

Oh, and the clown showed us all he really is a humble bloke...
Now, back to watching Michael Vaughan, I mean, the cricket.
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The Atheist said...

The barmy army, although faintly amusing for the first five minutes of the day, need to be shot.

The drive me around the bend.

Not just around it, past it by about five miles away, where the nearest gun shop is.

Miss Field said...

You think that?

I heart thee!

John said...

And you have shown yourself to be quite the petty one. Let the victors celebrate.

Leg Break said...


The victors? Having the opposition on the ropes at 282/6 ? That makes the Barmy Army victors?

Yet another reason for despising the Barmy Army.

Anonymous said...

Over the two finals, the clown took the wicket and had a hand in the dismissal of the gardner, comedian and fantasy pugilist.

Fair enough reasons to gloat ?

(and humble is not a word to be associated with someone who flaunts Armani T-shirts and other fashion blings).

Miss Field said...

Gloat away, but bear in mind the criticism that the Australians are dished when they're seen to be celebrating a victory.

But I can't stand Harbhajan Singh, I haven't really got a problem with any of the others, but he is a malevolent dickhead. And before I'm accused of being a sore loser, I acknowledge he played very well and was a significant part in his team's success, so well done to him on that.

...someone who flaunts Armani T-shirts and other fashion blings I get what you're saying, but I don't think that's necessarily true. Like it's not a prerequisite for Armani/bling-lovers to be proud, I'm trying to think of an example, but my brain isn't on my side.

Brisbane said...

Don't bother trying to explain Miss Field, his actions speak for themselves and if our pedant Indian friends deem to defend his gloating that just reflects on them.

He is just a MASSIVE dickhead.

Q said...

Not defending anyone here, but that "Singh is King" carried by Harbhajan is the name of a new bollywood movie coming out later this year - its a comedy about Sardars.

Anonymous said...

@MissF. : I am aware of the criticisms, but I think they (the criticisms) were stupid. Of course you have to celebrate and I dont mind celebrations by any team when they win. Adds to the color. But yes,it sure hurts as hell when you are on the losing side - believe me, I support a team that loses more than it wins :)

I am not really expecting you to like Harbhajan (considering that I dont always like him either as an Indian), just pointing out that he has reasons enough to gloat.

You can be 'not-humble' and not flaunt, but in my own experience most people who flaunt aren't humble.


PS - probably a good time to say that I really enjoy your blog, even when you are shredding us apart.

@brisbane: mate, no need to get serious. no one was trying to be pedantic.

don'thaveaclue said...

singh ain't king, not by a long way...also, dont think india's performance this summer was as humungous a credit to them as many of dhoni's young 'uns claim. more on my blog:

maymay said...

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