Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Zealand are great

I got up this morning and put the TV on to see England were 8/67. Needless to say I laughed, paused to imagine Suave wearing a humiliating t-shirt of my design, and laughed some more.

We all know England are crap, the question is, how good are New Zealand? How much of this crushing defeat was because of England's ineptitude as opposed to New Zealand's ability? Collingwood's 2 off 50 might answer my question. What an effort! That's a strike rate of 4.0, which is a statistic KP would be jealous of.

I also think Danny "I am the light" Vettori should be congratulated for declaring and setting England a target of 300. It was unlikely that England could have made it, but certainly not impossible. He was making a game of it, and for that (among other reasons) I admire him.

It's a shame England took the opportunity, dipped it in petrol, set fire to it and watched it vanish in a matter of moments, except for the last bit, which, as the fire was dying, burnt on pointlessly before being snuffed out by a giant who danced with glee on the embers.

There are winners that lose, and there are losers. The winners that lose are the ones who do their best to win, they take risks and see them as opportunities. Occasionally they lose, but this doesn't make them losers. Their valiant attitude makes them winners.

Losers on the other hand play to draw rather than risk losing. On the rare occasions that they win, it's usually a fluke (often involving light). Michael Vaughan wouldn't have declared at any point while his team were still batting, because he is the captain of losers, who need to take a look at their attitude more than their ability.

After the match they interviewed him. My dad said he felt a bit sorry for him (an astonishing admission) and I laughed and said he only scored 9 in the second innings, to which it was pointed out to me that our captain has not done much better of late. Hmm.

Nice skins.


Ottayan said...

"The winners that lose are the ones who do their best to win, they take risks and see them as opportunities." - excellent. Wish England stops deluding itself.

sportsfreak said...


Good work for spotting Earl Collingwood's SR today.

In one of the warm-up games in Dunedin last week he scored a 42 ball single against an attack even weaker than the NZ test attack.

And this from a guy who was so dominant during the ODIs.

How much of this can be laid at Vaughan's doorstep?

miriam said...

Good post.vettori was my man of the match. I too was pleased by the declaration.

Miss Field said...

Wow, 1 from 42 makes 2 from 50 look like a significant effort.

I don't know how much Vaughan has to answer for... they've never really seemed that bright a bunch. But like I said, I really think it's an attitude thing more than anything else. Is that his fault? Probably not, it's probably ingrained in English cricket. He could do something about it though. He could lead the revolution!

Anonymous said...

England's loss makes me believe there is a cricket god somewhere out there and (s)he wasn't quite happy with England's mockery of a first innings chase.

Anonymous said...

The latest in a long line of English 4th innings capitulations. In Sri Lanka, they didn't have the Galle to bat it out, despite being 'warned' in Adelaide last summer.

As for the English attitude to winning test matches- gloomy weather, gloomy outlook. Again, English stoicism filters through to its cricket team.

Well played NZ- all hail King Nerd.


Suave said...

Ha ha, you may laugh now Missy, but I will get my revenge!!

DAmn you all, and your tee-shirts.

Suave said...

Thanks for the cake, by the way!

I hope you enjoyed it muchly...

Suave said...

Where are you?

miriam said...

Yes, Suave misses you.

Miss Field said...

Here I am!

Billybob, gloomy weather, gloomy outlook, you're so right. There isn't a solution for the crappy weather though, what a shame. If they relocated to, say, the Bahamas, could they still classify as an English cricket team?

Suave, cake, yum, you're welcome.

Anonymous said...

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