Wednesday, March 26, 2008

News from the world of Australian cricket

Ok right, so. Clarke and Bingle are getting hitched. I give them two years tops. And that's enough of that.

Luke Ronchi was on the news tonight, looking rather stoked that he's going to play for Mumbai, alongside ol' Sachin. Yeah, I'd be pleased if I were him. I like this young chap, and I hope he does well, I want him to have a bright future.

England have won the series against New Zealand. This is good and bad.

It is good because it means Michael Vaughan lives to fight another day.

It is bad because it means England won, it means New Zealand lost, it means Michael Vaughan lives to fight another day, and it means the pendulum has swung a little closer to the middle in the battle for the bet. As you can see, the bad heavily outweighs the good.

I do feel that our cousins across the ditch have kind of betrayed us, but even though I know they did their best, as Sean Connery told Nicolas Cage in The Rock, losers always whine about their best.

Which doesn't, to my mind, mean that England are going home with the prom queens, but they're the NZ in ANZAC, so we're comrades, right? And who was it that sent us onto the beaches hmm? I wonder.

Can you hear a ticking? I think it's the timer counting down until that loser comment bites me on the bum. All I'm saying is that I hope New Zealand do themselves justice when they head to England later in the year.

Actually I'm surprised that Andrew Strauss did what he did. He reminds me a bit of a restaurant I visited in America called Cracker Barrel. There were rocking chairs and carved pumpkins. Sure it was entertaining and really quite novel, and personally I liked it. But would it last ten minutes in a country like Australia? I think not.

Now we've seen the end of the lovely Stephen Fleming, it's all a bit sad because well, he's cool, even if he does occasionally take an exceptionally bad photograph.

It's always sad to see a top player not leave on a high, but I guess that's just life. And it's usually either because they didn't realise they were past it or because they've been told to bugger off, but if it was either of those reasons I won't hold it against him. And I daresay he will be remembered in high esteem.

Although after the match apparently Danny Vettori was seen prancing around like a mad lunatic with an effigy of Mr Fleming, chanting "I am the light" and cackling like an old witch.

He looked to be dancing with the effigy but a closer look revealed he was actually attempting to set fire to it. Odd that someone who is the light couldn't conjure a bit of flame. What a strange lad.

And here's Virgil with Archibald and Lou. I'm resisting the temptation for a nasty caption for this pic, because there are dozens running through my mind, such as about how two dark-haired people spawned two very blonde, blue-eyed children.

Or about the giveaway that they're English because they look like they've never seen the sun before. I know New Zealand is cloudy, but they should be wearing hats.



The Atheist said...

Turn away from the ball in the sky, little ones! It is a strange thing that brings pain and heat stroke!

The Exuctioner Of Truth said...

genetics, woman..

I have a child with blonde hair and blue eyes.
Whilst myself and her mother are both dark haired.

I was the same until about three years old when my eyes went a greeny blue, and my hair turned brown.

Miss Field said...

I know I know. Just let me cling to this strand of bitterness, wouldya? It's all I have!

Suave said...

Ok you may be bitter about Vaughny.

Jrod said...

Do we have any state players they havent bought, other than Bryce?

Jethro said...

If New Zealand are the NZ in ANZAC, why is there a C?

Miss Field said...

Now now, don't be too harsh. I like the Kiwis, even if they did let us down over the last few weeks. said...

Do you have any information on how Ronchi plays, apart from the fact that he's a crazy smasher of the ball? Have you seen him play?

Miss Field said...

I have seen him play a few times. Unfortunately, from memory, I don't think he did very well either time. Well, nothing that did himself any justice.

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