Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who wants to go a knight rider?

My IPL team, the Kolkata Rebel Alliance, has been officially named, and I was quite disappointed that none of my most excellent and, dare I say it, super suggestions were taken on board. The Kolkata Knight Riders. This name, even though it doesn't sound as lame as the Super Kings, is actually quite embarrassing.

Someone was undoubtedly paid millions to come up with this name and all they did was choose something that'll be interpreted in a smutty context. Another example of why I should be in charge of these matters. I would have been quick to jump on this knight rider and ensure sense was seen! Hark!

Knights would be a cool name, not too common, not too weird, just right really. Night riders would even be a pretty decent, different sort of name. It sounds like something from the gaming world, something maybe a little bit elusive and enviable.

But no, the Kolkatese have gone for a different context entirely. Knight riders.
"Ricky Ponting is a knight rider."
"Oh really, which one?"
"Sir Guy of Gisborne I heard."

Actually I just need a moment to pause and reflect on that thought... mmm.

Anyway. I wonder if they have do a preference. Sir Richard Branson? Sir Elton John? Sir Paul McCartney (better watch out for gold-digging tarts in that case)? Sir Peter Jackson? Sir Charles Gairdner? Sir Ian McKellan? Sir Hiss? What would their logo look like? And they couldn't have a mascot, it would be far too offensive.

Those crazy Indians. They will still be the Rebel Alliance to me.

India and South Africa will be competing soon. A while ago I made a list of who the worst teams to lose to, and while I stand by my comment that it's worse to lose to South Africa than India (only just, though), I hope South Africa kick India's arse all the way to Peru. Why Peru? Why not.

Also, there's a quote on cricinfo that Shane Warne apparently said in reference to his immortalisation in plastic, and the dialogue he recorded for it... "I wanted it to say 'Chuck us a VB, Murali'." I haven't got VB Warney but I've got Boony and Beefy (why did I just type Beeny? Or was it Boofy?) and occasionally they do say rather funny things. That comment of Warney's that would have been funny.

Finally, visit here and then go here and join. Soon there will be a Facebook group dedicated to counting down the days until we see young Suave in the t-shirt he was born to wear.


Suave said...

Don't count your chickens young lady!!

We've still got a long way to go!

Miss Field said...

Blimey you're right, I actually forgot for a minute there that you lot won.

Still. You should see what I've got lined up for you. Er, figuratively speaking, because it doesn't exist yet.

Jrod said...

No Hasselhoff jokes?

Suave said...

See here..


miriam said...

"Someone was undoubtedly paid millions to come up with this name and all they did was choose something that'll be interpreted in a smutty context"

You say that like it's a bad thing.

Suave said...

It's less likely to be seen in a smutty way, and more likely to be associated with David Hasselhoff and The Knight Rider.

Anonymous said...

The Knight Riders are my 'home' team, unfortunately.

Really hate the kitschy image they are going for. But not totally unexpected given the top Bollywood actor in charge.

The smutty jokes are doing the round - espcially after they went for Salman Butt and then posted a promo video showing a player eating a ball :P

Let cheesiness rule....

Miss Field said...

Thank you Suave!

Actually to be honest I completely forgot about Hasselhoff jokes, before my time again.

And Miriam, I think they're just setting themselves up for mockery... funny for us, they might not agree.

miss field's fan said...

I guess when ur owner is the badshah of bollywood King Khan , u've got to be named Knight Riders.

MF,please please please change ur allaince to the Deccan Chargers- our name's better n we promise you cheesiness will be kept to a minimum

Miss Field said...

Deccan Chargers is actually a pretty decent name. Who've they got?

miss field's fan said...

only 1 south african-gibbs so i guess theyr pretty tolerable n a lot of drunken woodchoppers- afridi, ur very own symmo, gilchrist,- i guess that's enough 2 convince u but just incase here's da

Miss Field said...

You mean there isn't a South African quota?

Well only one South Africa makes it very tempting, Roy and Gilly are the icing on the cake.


Anonymous said...

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