Monday, March 3, 2008

Woes and woefulness

A team is only as good as its last game. Sadly, this doesn't make us world champions. It makes us crap.

"The bottom line was we didn't get enough runs, we didn't bowl well enough or field well enough." - Ricky Ponting

Correct. These three deficiencies pretty much cover the whole game, so, it seems we've got some big problems.

Unfortunately though, a team needs to be lead from the front, and when the captain's form is poor, there's not much to be inspired by. And the vice-captain is leaving, so no one expects leadership from him.

I mean, apparently Ponting's been ripping into them about the collective performance. It needs to be done, yes, but could you help but sit there feeling a tiny bit mutinous and thinking "Well what about you, you tosser?"

And a mutinous team would make for a crap team. A team that can't bat or bowl or field to save its life. Or beat India. Or Sri Lanka.

It's not good when you're hoping that Sachin Tendulkar and Ishant Sharma's injuries will rule them out of the next final. That's not my team, that's not us. We should be better than that. I want us to be able to take on the best India has to offer and win. That's the Australian team I know.

And because of all the crap that's gone on this series, I want very much for us to win. The best way to stick it to someone is not by stooping to their level but by showing that you're better by kicking their arse.

I think our boys need to go back and train in the desert again. It did the trick perfectly last time.


Anonymous said...

is not by stooping to their level but

Heh ! Funny, I could have sworn I heard one Aussie player (note, not Gilly/Lee etc) hitting below the belt with some comments the toher day. Must have imagined it.

Btw, here is the photo on the basis of which SMH decided that Bhajji was 'monkeying around'. Apparently a man cant scratch his own armpit without overtones.

And for people so overtly concerned about racism, everyone seems to be condoning the behavior of spectators who were copping him with chants of 'knob head', 'cut off your hair' etc. Oh wait, that's not racism - that's friendly jibing.

Bring it on at the GABBA....

Straight Point said...


while i can understand your rants but appreciating opposition team and great play doesn't demean anything...

lets accept that they got defeated by better team on day...

Miss Field said...

Hey Palscape, it's an assumption that could well be wrong. And as for your comment about our spectators not being racist, if you read some of my earlier posts you will see how little I think of a lot of our spectators, and I think anyone who chants things like that should be thrown out and banned.

I just think it would be nice to finish the series with a win.

Straight Point - I accept that India deserved the win because they played better, no worries.

Brisbane said...

"...One spectator sitting in the Bill O'Reilly stand, Craig Woodbury, said Harbhajan also spat towards the crowd after they called him "a wanker". "He definitely made the monkey gestures and he spat towards us," Woodbury said..." - SMH

I would have thought the basis of the article was eyewitness accounts not that photo but don't let the facts stop your misinformation campaign.

"...everyone seems to be condoning the behavior of spectators...".

More bullshit. Whats your basis for this assumption champ.

Anonymous said...

@miss fields: I actually did read some of your previous posts, which why I was a bit surprised with the tone of some your recent posts. Quite possible that I am reading too much into it. We are all fanatic supporters of our respective teams after all. :)

Coming back to cricket: On the basis of respective forms through the tournament, I would say Aus deserve to just about inch ahead of India. On paper, Aus batting is better and the fielding - even with an improved Indian side - is miles ahead (Hussey's catch last night was one of the best I have seen). The young Indian bowlers have done well to keep us in the series. The heart hopes that our batting holds up again on Tuesday and we squeak through. But the mind says that the Aussies will come back hard.

@brisbane: You expect me to believe the quote of someone in the ground on SMH ? Not saying it could not have happened but I will have my doubts. And just to clarify, if it is shown that he made monkey gestures, I believe ICC and BCCI should both come down on him hard.

regarding the condoning bit, it wasnt about this blog, but the tone of the majority of the media articles, which conveniently forgets how the fans were behaving (again not saying Bhajji is justified doing something in response)

@purV said...

Deserts can be dangerous..for the Aussies! Ask Stephen Waugh, he'll have some tales about the desert storm he witnessed in Sharjah in the summer of '98..

billybob_chider said...

It's only one game for crying out loud! India were very lucky- Haydos and Simmo picked out the fielders, and Punter's dismissal was just plain unlucky. The same thing could have happened to Tendulkar early on in his innings, but alas, the ball just didn't find the timber off the inside edge. Just wasn't Australia's night.

Having said this, I think we are still a bit complacent in our whole approach; Hayden still "Aussie charging" when we are in trouble. OK he got away with it to the tune of 80 odd but this is beside the point. I also agree that we shouldn't act like children- it's international sport after all. The juvenile antics engulfing this summer of cricket are just ridiculous.

Putting all of this aside, well played India. Despite some luck, you were the better team. Lets just hope the dodgy Brisbane weather stays away :).

Leg Break said...

The rubbish in the SMH today is why I prefer to catch up on what's happening over the Tasman on blogs like this rather than the tabloid stuff.

In the Sydney Morning Herald:

Wayne from Cronulla: "We called him a wanker, and he dared to scratch his armpits at us.

Ban him."

Golandaaz said...

great post except the dig suggesting "india stoops low". Come on miss.

Australia can still win the next 2 games.

The Atheist said...

I'm glad to see that Australia are becoming the new England of world cricket.

Ottayan said...

The way Australia is playing suggests that they are 'mentally disintegrating'.

BTW, Punter has got a hunted look!

Ram said...

>> The best way to stick it to someone is not by stooping to their level but by showing that you're better by kicking their arse.


Miss Field said...

Yeah... they sure showed me!

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