Friday, April 11, 2008

Another reason Michael Clarke shits me

I'm annoyed, and there's a cricket link to the subject of my anger, so damn it, here it is.

Lara Bingle's engagement ring apparently cost $200,000. This is just not cricket.

When I first heard that I thought I would quite like a $200,000 engagement ring myself. But then I realised I'd probably be quite angry if someone proposing to me thought that, in the great scheme of things, I was worth that much. No one is.

30,000 children die every day in the world from preventable causes.

Let's put this into perspective, assuming he actually did spend that sort of sum.

He could have sponsored 388 children for a year.

Or, he could have purchased 77 rainwater tanks for irrigation in Ecuador.

Or, he could have supported environmental protection and sustainable agricultural development for poor communities on three continents.

Or, he could have provided immunisations that we all take for granted to 7407 children in Sudan.

Or, he could have
purchased 14,814 mosquito nets to help prevent malaria, a disease that kills 3,000 children below the age of five every day.

Here's the cracker... he could have paid for the purchase and construction of 1,400 homes for war widows and their children in the Congo. 1,400 homes!

There are thousands of ways this money would have been better spent.

Does it mean he loves her more? Does it means their marriage will be more happy? No. All it means is that Michael Clarke earns too much money and maybe a visit to Udayan is in order for him, next time he's in India. Steve Waugh is a great supporter of Udayan, I'm sure he would show him around.

The people who have nothing have no voice, and I believe those people in the worldwide community who are in the position to be heard, such as Michael Clarke, do have a responsibility to do their bit for the global village, whether it's on a national or international level.

Not for the kudos, but because people will listen to him, and although the difference may only be small, it would still make a difference to someone, somewhere.

If this example of shallow, self-serving behaviour becomes a pattern among our cricketers, I'm off to New Zealand.

Festy. Lads, is she actually attractive? Or is it only because she looks good in bathers? Not that it's really relevant of course, I'm sure it was her intellect, wit and sparkling personality which was what instantly attracted him.


David Barry said...

While what you say is true, almost all of us are statistical mass-murderers. Someone who buys a $200k house could have saved lives with that money.

You don't need that house. Effectively you're saying that owning your own home is more important than the lives of some Africans.

Homer said...

You have already given them 2 years..tops :). Let them be.

Jodie said...

So what, does it really matter what he spent on the ring, I just wish everyone would leave the 2 of them alone!!! What difference does it make what he chooses to spend his money on. If you had enough money to spend on whatever you desired, would you like to be criticized for everything you spent it on. GET A LIFE AND LET THEM ENJOY THEIRS.

Jodie said...

So what, does it really matter what he spent on the ring, I just wish everyone would leave the 2 of them alone!!! What difference does it make what he chooses to spend his money on. If you had enough money to spend on whatever you desired, would you like to be criticized for everything you spent it on. GET A LIFE AND LET THEM ENJOY THEIRS.

Jrod said...

I wonder how much Brendan Fevola spent on his wifes engagement ring?

Miss Field said...

David, I don't think that's what I'm saying.

I don't think anyone should be denied something because they live in a western country, but I think there should be limits on excesses. So, I'm not saying he shouldn't have bought her a beautiful engagement ring, but he didn't have to fork out anywhere near that amount to get her one.

Er, Jodie/Lara/Michael's mum, I hope it's not left up to you to save the world, or re-populate it or any of those sort of things. And my idea of 'having a life', as you so eloquently put it, is working for the causes I believe in, I guess yours is pining after 200k diamond rings, and I don't envy you.

Jrod... touche.

David Barry said...

My point though, MF, is comparing Clarke's $200k engagement ring to lives that you could save with that money doesn't really serve a purpose. It's fair enough to say that it's ridiculously excessive, but the comparison to saving lives makes the argument weaker, since we're always engaging in statistical murder.

Miss Field said...

All I'm saying is that it is ridiculously expensive, and I think it's money that could be better spent. I'm not suggesting they're mass murderers. There are loads of other examples of how else it could have spent, other than saving lives and Africa.

miriam said...

Whilst I'm full of admiration for people who choose to spend their money on more worthy causes than expensive jewellery, I don't have a problem with them doing what they want with their money. And we don't know about the thought process behind the ring either: it may be a really special piece that means a lot to them rather than simply the blingiest thing that they could see. And as to whether I'd like such a thing myself, I think that the value of a ring (or anything for that matter) from someone you love is an irrelevance because it's priceless anyway. Also, it has practically been proven by science that jewelley sparkles more when you buy it for yourself.

Leg Break said...


She's an anorexic slut, and he's a fag.

Enough said????

crazy craves said...

I'm sorry, but I am going to have to take a divergent view when it comes to Pup's engagement activities and behaviour. I have been accused of running an MJC fansite, so please ignore my blog at

Miss Field said...

A Clarke/Bingle shipper AND a Swans supporter?! Hark.

Fear not, sir, blog (almost) successfully ignored.

Miss Field said...

I think that the value of a ring from someone you love is an irrelevance because it's priceless anyway

"Why, Daniel Vettori, this imitation paua shell ring is just beautiful!"

miriam said...

Miss Field, if Daniel Vettori gave me anything EVER, even if it's a discarded piece of rubbish because he mistakes me for a cleaner, it has pride of place in my home.

Leg Break said...

I know nothing about the Swans, but I think I hate them already.

Rusty said...


You have to admit, her teeth match the whites of her eyes. I've noticed this particularly. She always makes a point of highlighting these assets

Someone should tell her, though, that it makes him look pasty beside her.

Ruggero e Elena said...

Is her name really Bingle? Or is this an eponymous prediction?

Anonymous said...

Missy I'm concerned for Pup's psychological health also. How can a man with such poor judgement captain our beloved Baggygreen's?

I thought some of the comments missed your point entirely.

Only just found you and I am pleased to find one of my sisters writing about the ancient and noble game.

Miss Field said...

Nestaquin, I share your concern. In that sense the future is, I'm sad to say, looking rather bleak.

Ruggero I think her surname is Mills, Bingle is just a stage name.

Wicket Maiden said...

Hello Miss Field,
I discovered your blog today, and have spent the last one and a half hours reading posts(yes, i am at work). I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and am so pleased to find another girl who likes cricket, even if you are on the other side of the world. I absolutely agree with you on the whole $200k ring issue, to be honest it makes me sick to my stomach. I used to REALLY like MC but he just seems to get more and more annoying, the only thing that makes him SLIGHTLY credible now is the fact that he opted out of the IPL, but i'm sure by next time around Miss Bingle's shopping bills will force him to sign up, that is of course, if their still together by next time around.

Miss Field said...

Hi Wicket Maiden, thank you for visiting. I'm glad you like it, there are a few of us girls who like cricket for something other than the prospect of Alastair Cook naked, probably not too many though...
You're so right about Bingle's shopping bills, wouldn't it be funny if he didn't sell for very much though?
Anyway, he'd have to take her with him, she can't be trusted in the company of other men. Especially not the married ones.

Marlo said...

Another useless post, Miss F.
Useless and dripping with jealousy.
If MC wants to spend $200k on his beautiful fiance, good for him. He obviously adores her and any of us would be lucky to have a relationship like theirs.

It would be wise of you to watch them more closely, in fact, as its doubtful you will ever share such feelings with anyone else :)

Wicket Maiden said...

Wow Marlo, it took you almost a year to come up with that..... lol....
Hey look, there's my first ever comment on MF's blog.

Marlo said...

It took me a year to find this outrageously unfunny blog, thats all.

Yet another friend who I need to stick up for on here. Although, with a successful modelling career and gorgeous fiance, she doesnt need to care about pathetic little attacks people like you make on her.

Wicket Maiden said...

Outrageously unfunny? You obviously haven't read the Joernaal entries, or pretty much any of the rest of the blog.
Lara Bingle, successful? Hmmm... I personally have a different name for women who can only make money by prancing around half naked. Yes, I think that sleeping with married men must also be part of her job desciption.
And, Michael Clarke's cute, but gorgeous is pushing it a bit.

Anonymous said...

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