Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Blog demons

I don't know why this has taken as long as it has, but it's exhausting making stuff up for real people. Because Graeme Smith and co are not actually real, didn't you know? I'm going to bed before I start raving like some mad lunatic.

Suave and Brenyth have their photo with Santa at Christmas every year. They love West End musicals, especially Dirty Dancing, and imitating politicians, especially Mags Thatcher. Occasionally Brenyth will tell Suave that he swears too much on his blog, to which he replies "fuck off, Bren" in a very suave manner. Brenyth adores the Gris.

The next daemon is from Victoria, of a very rare breed, and of course is nocturnal. At first may seem a bit scary but only to pretty poor judges of character. I'm talking of course about Cantabrigian, a leadbeater's possum, the fauna emblem of Victoria and Jrod's daemon. The pair are creative geniuses on the road to global domination.

David Barry and Cyri, a green tree frog. When overseas, David often gets stopped in the streets by people commenting on how beautiful Cyri is. She is possibly the most calm creature on the planet and would need to be, with David often away in a parallel universe that involves calculus and other such horrid things, she's one patient frog. Lately she has taken up sodoku.

Here is Ashrai, the daemon of ©hinaman. Ashrai is peaceful and quite the healer. She is a wanderer. The pair don't say much to each other because they don't need to, they can read each other's thoughts. Quite often they wish they had more jalebies.

Then there's Miriam, who's so cool she doesn't even need a blog to be a blogger. Political parties will be recruiting her for her infiltration techniques, just you wait. Miriam and Sabian are leaders of their world, poised, dignified and talented.

And last but by no means least, Bronte, the coolest badger in Britain. If you've ever wondered who's really behind the viddy-blogs, now you know. Bronte and The Atheist are as loyal to England cricket as Hester and Lee were to Lyra. Bronte knows The Atheist has the best blog in the world, but all she really wants is a herb garden to amuse herself in while he works on the madness.


miriam said...

I am simply HONOURED to be featured, and even more so to get an EAGLE! I think I might have to go away and have a little cry. Thank you Miss Field!

Jrod said...

As the eagle, does that mean she can eat the rest of us?

miriam said...

She certainly hopes so.

Miss Field said...

Aww don't cry dearie, it's all good.

Suave said...

West End Musicals!!

Thanking you kindly, dear girl.

Brenyth is lovely, and you're right she does tell me to stop swearing. Very morallistic, that bunny.

The Gris will be happy to know that a bunny loves her, as she's an animal/insect lover of the highest magnitude.

We threw a spider out to the garden last night, and she keeps running to the window and looking for it.

The Atheist said...

Aw thank you. Not only were you kind to my wee blog, you gave me the coolest animal: the nobel badger.

Some time, at night time, if you are really quiet, and the moon is high, and there is just that little bit of magic in the air, you might just see me and Bronte route about in your bins.

Miss Field said...

Suave, that is impressive. I wonder if that will change in a year or so!

That sounds like Beatrix Potter, Atheist. And yeah... please stop going through my rubbish, if you need food, ask Suave.

Happy to please.

Suave said...

Also, Dirty Dancing is wrong..

I'm a strictly come dancing man myself.

If it's good enough for Ramps & Goughy, it's good enough for me!

Miss Field said...

I dunno what that is. If it's the equivalent of Dancing with the Stars, then bleurgh to that.

The Atheist said...

Yes. Quite right, Missy.

Let us all "bleurgh" together,


©hinaman said...

...like pantalaimon. Now I get it.

Ashrai -
the perfect name for a flutterby.