Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chris Rogers is going to hel-

-p Victoria out.

Young Alicia confirmed on the news tonight that the pillock's off to Victoria. I narrow my eyes in his general direction, I tell you.

While I get that he has to do what he can to further his career, I'm not convinced he's taken a step in the right direction, especially as now he's been dropped from ze list of Cricket Australia's centrally-contracted kids.

HAHAHAHA. Better luck next time lad!

On the ABC news page, someone commented this in response:
"So Chris Rogers lost his contract? What did he expect? Had an average summer, got into the Aussie side by default, then blames the WA selectors for limiting his chances of getting back into the Aussie side. BATTING WHERE EXACTLY? No. 9 in the one-day team?
He should've followed the other whingers such as Katich & Casson over to NSW to play soft cricket to bedazzle the eyes of the dopey national selectors.

Good on SOS ("Son of Swampy Marsh"), Shaun Marsh, on receiving his contract. Rogers should learn a thing or two about guts, peserverance & humility from him."

You tell him, sir!

Well, as our talent seems to be jumping ship, I think it's time my brother, Oomby Dave got the call-up. He's a talented all-rounder with a particular flair for middle-order batting and off-spin bowling, who nearly concussed our poor cousin with a stunning beamer not too long ago. It's great that he didn't, my Aunty might have killed him.

Here he is, having just 'tonked' a pom for six.

And here he is getting a feel for his new uniform at a match earlier in the year.

So, on yer bike Chris Rogers. We don't need you anymore. We've got a new Warrior.


Jrod said...

Welcome Chris.

You'll find us a lot more refined that those ungrateful bastards ever were.

Until you fail and we turn on you.

billybob_chider said...

So we play "soft" cricket back east? Just because we have a different type of track (i.e. turning rather than bouncing). The WACA has lost its character in the last decade- yes the SCG does get its share of draws but no more than any other venue.

Need I remind you that NSW currently has more test players than any other state, and just took out the Pura Cup.

As for Chris Rogers, of course he wasn't getting a contract. There can only be one nerd in the game :).

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