Saturday, April 26, 2008

Harbhajan Singh slapped Sreesanth. Or did he?

Oooh aaah Malcolm Speed was given his marching orders.

Interestingly enough, I too am in the market for a new job.

Maybe it's a sign? Maybe I should start a Jrod-style petition to be the next ICC Chief Executive? The big question is, do I have more chance of that than Jrod does of his lovely-but-Aussie blog getting into Wisden? Time will tell.

It's all a bit vague about why though. They're not happy with his handling of 'the Zimbabwe situation' and his comments about the ICL.

To my mind it's a bit like... "Hey everyone, look over there at that big shiny gold, purpose-built distraction while we get rid of this person."

I bet this is India's doing. They started the pushing and now the Zimbabwe thing is just an excuse. And a poor one, why the hell is the ICC covering up corruption in Zimbabwe? I refer to the Full Tosser's post from a few days ago.

Anyway. Did anyone else see Sreesanth cry? IT WAS FUNNY! And one of his man-friends gave him a hug, which was brave, because if I was hugging a distressed Sreesanth I'd half expect him to suddenly go rabid. It's because mum, well see I didn't do nothing, it was his fault, he hit me, in my face, and and and all I did was say 'hard luck' because they lost, that's all, honest!

The thing is, which clown to believe?! As the more astute of you may have come to realise, I really don't like Harbhajan Singh, so I'm more inclined to believe the slightly more credible, albeit manic, Sreesanth.

It's nice to see in-fighting among the Indians (justifies a few things, to my mind at least), and the Australians doing so well.

Carn Kolkata!

EDIT: The highly-evolved Atheist has the video. Watch and laugh.


The Atheist said...

My theory is that Sri actually tried to slap Bhaji. But he missed.

Hence the tears.

Brisbane pissed himself laughing said...

I can see Roy offering Sree a hanky in the next series.

And apparently "hard luck" sounds similar to "I slept with your Mum" in Punjabi.

Rusty said...

I only wish the slap HAD been the other way round.

miriam said...

I would have liked the slapping to have degenerated into a "hands flapping at each other" bitch fight, with Preity then intervening to drag away Sreesanth saying "leave it out, he's not worth it!".

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was funny. Watching grown men cry always is.

I don't know what it "justifies", though. The whole justification process can be very interesting. For instance, having read Michael Clarke's (and, to a certain extent, Andrew Symmonds') testimonies in one report I happened to read (by a certain Kiwi) judge a few weeks back, it certainly did "justify" a few things - in my mind at least. :D

Anonymous said...

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