Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I heart test cricket

Records are being smashed daily over in India, or so I hear.

But I don't watch it. I have actually lost interest.

It is on very late here, but it's more than that. It's just not interesting.

Twenty20 cricket is fun to watch on a summer afternoon down at the WACA (providing of course you have decent seats and aren't near a bogan hell-bent on making you ashamed to be the nationality you are).

Other than that it's not engaging like test cricket. I love test cricket... test cricket don't die!

It was great having some of the real stuff on the other night. It was like going home after a holiday. Sure the holiday was good, you looked forward to it and for the first few days at least it was novel, but there's nothing quite like home.

Not that I know how that match has progressed, but still.

Anyhoo, back in January I ordered an autographed first edition copy of an 'autobiography' of a certain cricketer. Being the scabby wench I am, I requested surface mail shipping, and after 14 weeks I resigned myself that either the ship had docked on the sub-continent and the package had been opened by an Indian fan and I'd never see it, or that it was lost in a dark corner of some cargo ship and I'll see it when I'm 45.

But today it got here!



Suave said...

I've watched a bit, and wish I hadn't bloody forked out for two months subscription to watch it.

I didn't get to the end of the weebl nonsense, was there a reference to test cricket in there?

Was it horny vaughany's?

Miss Field said...

Weebl isn't nonsense. He is a prophet. So no, no reference as such. I was just looking for a reason to chuck a link in.

Will you get to see any of the NZ/Eng matches on your fancy subscription? Or do you get to see them anyway? Because that would be a good reason to have it.

Of course:) Good to know the UK/Aust ties are still strong eh, 16 weeks and two days for surface mail, I think the First Fleet got here quicker. Woot.

The Atheist said...

I salute a fellow weebl fan.

I forgot about that episode. It made me sad.

And you brought all those blubbery feelings back, avast yee.

miriam said...

I'm going to the weekend of the NZ Lords test. Am extremely excited! Not sure whether this is the right time for "Daniel Vettori, I'd switch teams for you" to make its appearance though. I think that's more of an ODI kind of tshirt.

Rusty said...

Daniel Vettori is Mr. Cool Kiwi

Leg Break said...

The weekend Miriam? That’s optimistic.

miriam said...

Leg Break, why, is Shane Bond being allowed to play after all?

This is England in May. I was factoring in the first two days as rained off.

Suave said...

All England games are on Sky. Which I've got, so yes.
IPL is on setanta which is an additional subscription, which I now have too. Although I'm bored shitless with the IPL already.

Mims, I'm there on the fourth day. Be warned that every time I go near Lords, rain descends like railroad spikes and hammers.

12th Man said...

Geoff Boycott shares your view.
He writes in the Independent that T20 frenzy can do no harm to test cricket that has survived the test of time.
I say test cricket will survive. Just that we wont see test cricketers being produced.

Leg Break said...


I just can't see NZ lasting for more than 50 overs in either innings.

I guess we (NZ) could still get 300 though.

miriam said...

Leg Break, sorry; I was snippy about Shane Bond because I thought you were bagging England for their ability to shorten any test match by rendering a batting collapse from nowhere. That'll teach me.

Oomby Dave said...

Doodle on fire! Hot COQ!

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