Thursday, April 3, 2008

India suck

I was delighted to hear that India crashed and burned against South Africa today.

Would I go so far as to say that it made my day? Yes, yes I would. And to think I was horrified when we were all out for less than one hundred against South Africa... in a one dayer.

Here is a lovely photograph.
The illustrious world of cricket blogging has reacted beautifully.

One called it humiliating carnage.

Someone else suggested yelping like demented puppies was involved.

Ouch!! was another reaction.

One is even hailing it as full blown rape and pillaging and the ultimate epic fail (although he's a Pom, so he would, wouldn't he?)

So it would seem the concensus is that today's cricket in India was a violent and unpleasant affair.

I am not so sure. I think it's a crack up. Thanks, South Africa!

Still, my violent interpretation of day one is thus...

It's like South Africa are at this point (Grond and all)...
While India are still here...
A bit of catching up to do!

Elsewhere, Jrod has given up on Bryce McGain. Poor Bryce is becoming more and more undesirable. Or less and less desirable, depending on how you look at it. Either way, Jrod has burnt him off like a plantarwart.

This re-enactment of Bryce's reaction to the severing of apparently very loyal ties is interpreted here by an Uruk Hai playing the role of Jrod and a small child playing the role of Bryce.
It's a cruel world.


Suave said...

No angry Indians? Must be past their bedtime now"

Jrod said...

I thought they had migrated to your site Suave...

Suave said...

That is a very good point, Jrod.

I'm happy to deal with them, so you 'Strayan's can get on with world domination

©hinaman said...

Hey, I am an angry Indian.

Not at this blog, but by our cricket management and the million pundits that has to have their halfpennies worth.

What we witnessed may well be the end of Indian Test cricket. It has been ignored for a long while now, and we are running out, if not already have, of fallback options.

Our present moronic thinktank believes that our twenty20 success equates to our Test match capabilities. To be able to bat for a max of 20 overs and follow it with energetic fielding is also a formula for testmatch success.

Poor fielding leaked runs, but poor batting cost us the match, and perhaps the series.

But our management will not be the slightest bothered. For we are champion of twenty20s, what better promotion for the big money crunching IPL. Testmatch cricket, thats for the 'poorer' nations.

Angry? too right I am, and it is well past bedtime.

Samir Chopra said...

They are busy making effigies

Jrod said...

Go Chris Rogers.

And just quietly how cool do i look in this photo.

Som said...

Me angry too (bit too late?). I think the Motera curator's fault lies not in retaining the grass on track but his lack of pragmatism. Keeping in mind that, traditionally, green has made the Indian batsmen see red, he should have painted the grass grey. It’s all in the mind of our pampered willowers and you don't need to be a Paddy Upton to realise that.

My blog Doosra ( carried out a light-hearted post-mortem on the defeat (actually a euphemism for the catastrophe). Do have a look.

And if link exchange interests you, plz leave a message and we can be in each other's blogroll. Howzzat!

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