Thursday, April 3, 2008

More more more cricket demons

By request here is Matthew Hayden's daemon, Maisie.

If he ate this thing, well, I'd be impressed.
Matt and Maisie like to spend their spare time on muddy embankments, he fishes and she swims. She used to play games with Matt's kids in which she pretended to be the crocodile chasing Captain Hook, until a nasty accident involving weed killer, a shovel and a particularly large fishing hook nearly ended in tragedy.

Steph Broad and Sisinelli are as vain as KP and Tiessa are arrogant. They constantly reassure each other that they are lookin' gorgeous, but it's all a bit pointless because neither of them ever doubted it for a minute. In fact, Sisinelli's paws have never touched the ground. One day, when Steph shaves for the first time, the pair are planning to splash out on a day spa. Their favourite TV shows include America's Next Top Model and Project Runway.

Haha I found that photo of Steph on a page called When Only Hot Will Do. God help us!

Michael and Torin enjoy long walks on the beach and dinners in small restaurants. Torin is unusual as he can travel quite far from Michael. When he wanders off on his own up the sand dunes, Michael can often be heard shouting "where the bloody hell are you?" Torin has, on occasion, been mistaken for Naomi Watts' daemon, Bristan, who is also a wallaby.


The Atheist said...

It's a shame that Broad doesn't have a third wooden arm. A peg-arm always improves the bowling.

And impresses the girls/fellow England mirror-chums

miriam said...

That kitty is darned close to being squashed with the rocking chair. I reckon she's sat there deliberately, to play up her air of vulnerability. And she's sat so that she's backlit by the sun. I like cats (a LOT), but this one is, I admit, a bit tarty.

Suave said...

It's a hussy, that cat.

Also, we now have a visiting cat. Creeps through the window to say hello.

Which has The Gris in all sorts of excited wonderlands.

That cat is also a hussy.

Miss Field said...

Random animals wandering through your house, sounds reminiscent of Jumanji.

Ha I hate cats but I thought one looked like a kitten and was almost cute. I see what you mean now though. Damn tart cat.

miriam said...

The kitten looks a bit like Lindsay Lohan, but then so do a lot of kittens.

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