Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shane Watson does something

As if I ever have holidays.


If you haven't seen the video of Shane Watson's bat breaking, check it out. Apparently Brett Lee was involved. Filthy.

I can't make out which brand it is... must be an English one. Shoddy I tell you. I bet the management of whichever company it was cringed when they saw that footage.

I think maybe cricinfo Australia are having a slow news day... I can't think of anything else that could have prompted the headline "Australia too small to host premier league".

Thank you for pointing that out to us.

Australia are going to tour Pakistan twice in two years. Apparently. April '09 and August '10. I guess we committed to two so that when we change our mind about the first one we can say "but lucky we'd planned to come across next year, aren't we brilliant?!"

Anyway, to this news I say... let's go! Miss Field's Extreme Cricket Tours. $4,000,000 will buy your return airfare, 3.5 nights accommodation, one meal, and the opportunity to wave at Andrew Symonds. Bargain in anyone's book.

Also, some ranga made a century against some hokey county team, to which I say.... Chris who?

And here is Ricky Ponting.


Jrod said...

The garnier fructis song.

Suave said...

It's Puma.

It's German.

It's Adi Dassler's brother, Rudi Dassler.

What do germans know about cricket.

Not much, i can tell you.

Rusty said...

Brett Lee? Wasn't that Jimmy Hopes bowling?
So much for the brotherhood of Queensland.

Anonymous said...

Did Punter just spot a couple of cheerleaders over there?

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