Saturday, April 19, 2008

Toss under spotlights

Let's do it!

It's here, the moment is upon us. I stayed up rather late to watch it because we we didn't get a live broadcast (bastards).

Actually to be honest I just wanted to see Punter and D Huss. Once an Aussie always an Aussie. And I was dead thrilled that Punter doubled Ganguly's score.

Kiwis, I hope you're suitably proud of your Brendon. Personally I would like to give him a hug, a warm, special hug. You know the sort. He's pretty damn cool. I think I'll have to claim him.

So far, I've only seen the uniforms of these two teams, but bloody hell, did I pick the team with the gaudiest outfit. It's typical I tell you. They couldn't just have a gold strip on their shirt (and and it's not nice gold, it's that 80s gold adored by one hit wonders from that era), no no, the gaudy gold pads, gloves, elbow guards, helmet... saints preserve us. I suppose the outfits were designed by the same clever person who thought Knight Riders was an appropriate name.

The Indians are the (super) kings of telephone marketing. Surely some sort of survey was conducted about outfits? They must have only rung people in India, cos I certainly didn't get a call, and I can't imagine any Aussie/Kiwi/Pom recommending gaudy gold.

Damn Do Not Call Register. I blame Howard.

I kept cracking up as I imagined Ponting, Hussey and McCullum all seeing their new uniforms for the first time and the looks on their faces.

I'm a bit shitted that the IPL fellas are being so precious about their pics. I feel that here would be an appropriate place for a picture in Ricky Ponting dressed in the cricketing equivalent of drag?

It will teach me for throwing my support behind a team before finding out vital info.

Thanks, India. Supposing I wanted to buy the shirt? Now the question is, should I ditch the team and go with the Deccan Chargers? Well, I'll wait and see what they wear. I think the only way they can outdo the Knight Riders is if they turn up dressed like this trend-setter (don't vomit on your keyboard)...

Yeah. Nah.

Is that dude with the sexy pants/mo/quiff (you know who I mean) the guy that owns the team that was prancing around everytime my Brendon hit a six? Or does he own a different team?

Player interaction gets me. Do they players care about anything other than their own performance? Do they laugh and joke and have light moments, or is it nod in acknowledgment and then let's just get on with it? Especially in light of the recent Indian tour of Australia, I just can't see them all sitting around singing Kumbayah. Or however it's spelt. Did Ricky Ponting laugh to himself when Ganguly was out? I wonder.

Oh yeah, Kolkata won.


miriam said...

I must admit I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the gold kit. The shine on the pads! They look like storm troopers on their way to a disco. I'm just sorry they didn't make it glittery.

Rusty said...

I want the crotch-hugging pants, rather like your pic.If they're going to go this far into trashiness, why go the whole hog?

And it was GREAT to see a Kiwi (especially a blond one) smash it to the 4 corners of the earth. How global! I thought I was watching Tonk an Indian. Wont' it be fun if all the foreigners score higher than the Indians!

Ottayan said...

This is for your information.

Alice Cooper has designed the Deccan Chargers uniform.:)

Leg Break said...


I assume you're taking the piss?

Rusty, Baz is no more blond than Symonds.

So how do we describe this shade of shining gold? Kajagoogoo Gold?

miriam said...

Leg Break I just can't think of a new word! It's quite something isn't it. It's going to have to be Kolkata gold for me. And yes, I would have given *literally* all my money to see their faces when they were introduced to their new kit.

It's so easy to accessorise, that's another thing I love about it.

Miss Field said...

Stormtroopers en route to a disco, genius Miriam, you're a genius.

I'm glad I held back from changing my allegiance to the Chargers, seeing as they're wearing pink. And not a nice pink, a vomity sort of dirty pink.

I wonder how much shit Ricky, David and Brendon have been dished for their gorgeous gold outfits from their respective teammates now in opposition.

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