Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And then he conquered Facebook

Everyone's favourite cricket blogger has created a quiz.

Answer seven simple questions, harass your friends (11 to be exact, sucks to be you if you've only got ten) to do the same and find out which cricketer you are.

For your information I am Glenn McGrath (I think bad hair gave me away. Or maybe my batting prowess?).

You can, and should, do the quiz here.


Miriam said...

No need to harass any friends; just click the "cancel" box.

Although, sorry, to publicise his quiz I should say: you should harass everybody you know.

I am Brendan McCullum. It's obviously a tattoo-and-highlights thing.

Miss Field said...

Oh really, I thought if you press Cancel it closes the quiz. Did you find that out because you didn't have 11 people to invite?

Miriam said...

Yes. My cricket sublife is to be kept away from my non-crickety friends.

Leg Break said...

I got to the bottom of the first page and then ended up on some Love Crush thing (with a pink background)

So I’ll never know which cricketer I am, but I’m picking it’s Joel Garner.

Miss Field said...

What what what, why haven't you accepted my Friend Request? Hmmm?!

Leg Break said...

If I knew how to navigate my way around the thing I’d be your friend MF.

I just feel a little sleazy when I go to Facebook.

Jrod said...

LB, you are sleazy, thanks for the mention MF.

Suave said...

I am Shoiab Akhtar..

Drug fuelled idiot.

I'm shocked. I'm an upstanding memmber of the community, and a father.

The shame!

Q said...

I am also shoaib akhtar!!

I wonder what that means. I guess my blogging career will not go down the drain after a flying start. I will make umpteen succesful comebacks only to go back into my shell and then some board for bloggers will ban me.

rusty said...

?? the link won't work for me

Miss Field said...

Hey Rusty, its http://apps.facebook.com/which-crickete-jechg/&

If it's still not working visit the Cricket With Balls fanpage at http://www.facebook.com/pages/cricket-with-balls/26577429080?ref=ts and the link is on there.

Dave said...

I'm Flintoff, apparently. I think it's a pies and booze thing.