Monday, May 12, 2008

And then she rose out of the ashes...

Today is my birthday. I haven't aged a day? You're too kind.

Here is my last birthday cake, which I am particularly proud of...
While I will do my best to refrain from making too many references to hobbits and magic rings, I have decided to dedicate a birthday post to, well, me. Precious.

A little indulgence, a little 'crazy fangirl', something just a tiny bit out of the ordinary... (no arguments, thank you, it's my birthday not yours)

I'm rather disappointed about the low resolution. No justice done at all. Still, here is my blog-birthday present to me.

Made during the last World Cup final, by my dear friend Peggs McGrath...

"That's right, I am very sexy."

Taduh. Now, if you would like to contribute to my birthday post, please email any photos or links to and I shall upload them here. Appropriate ones, thanks. There will be no Harbhajan Singh on this birthday post! And if any of you have spotted that photo of MV on, well I don't want that one either. Hmph.

Now don't forget to put it in the diary/Blackberry/other for next year. May 12. And then go out and celebrate me. And toast the Australian cricket team.

EDIT: Beautiful art from Sasha...

and The Atheist...
which I will treasure. Anonymous also sent a very recent photo of Ricky Ponting.
Annnnnd check out this masterpiece from Julie, currently also residing as my desktop wallpaper...
Thanks y'all!



Leg Break said...

Is the guy bowling on last year’s birthday cake Bart Simpson?

Jrod said...

What a great birthday present, missing out on the top 51 cricket blogs of the world.

sasha said...

Top 51, or a groovin' Vaughan blingee?

People with objections to pink sparkly things, should probably avoid clicking:

Happy birthday!

©hinaman said...

Many happy returns -
and may your innings be long and exciting -
and every stroke (er everything you do) be exquisitely timed and to perfection.

If you are having a similar birthday cake, do not forget to put a fielder at 'silly point'.

Miriam said...

mmmmmm cake. Do you have to make cake for your office on your birthday? I think that the office should make YOU cake on your birthday.

Sasha, that blinged-up Vaughan is the most ridiculous (in a good way) thing I've seen in ages.

sasha said...

It's kind of horrifically hypnotic, isn't it?

Rusty said...

I wouldn't worry about missing out on that list of 51 cricket blogs. Suave and Soulberry weren't there, either. It's full of nobodies. No sophistication.

Happy Birthday

Miss Field said...

Sasha - have our paths crossed previously? You're a genius, thank you! Hooray for Vaughany. And Sasha.

LB, an outrageous suggestion. He's a real miniature-PVC cricketer, not a dodgy showbag imitation.

Miriam, I made my own cake for work and no one really ate it, which was a shame because it was good. The office put on a lunch for me, which was nice.

Fear not, I'm not bothered about missing the elite (cough cough) list of cricket bloggers, in fact I think it just proves I should be the ruler of my own cricket island. Viva la Republique! No, wait...

Thanks y'all.

Q said...

What did the cake look like this year?

Happy Birthday!

Miss Field said...

Thanks Q!

Last year was special because it was a milestone, this year it was just just a normal chocolate cake. Although I should have used the little cricket men again.

Leg Break said...

"Last year was special because it was a milestone"

Happy 22nd birthday MF!

(Do I get a prize?)

Miss Field said...

I might be 31.

Or did you count the candles?

Anonymous said...

"I might be 31."

What woman would celebrate their 30th birthday?

Here's a cute picture of Ricky:

Happy birthday, MF.

Miriam said...

Anonymous, this woman celebrated her 30th birthday in considerable style.

The Atheist said...

Missy, glad you like the picture.

I notice that Vaughan is struggling to keep his bat under control.

sasha said...

No hands, it's all in the hip. He's quite talented really.

"Sasha - have our paths crossed previously?"

I commented on your Allan Border Medal post, but I think that's it. :)

Rusty said...


that's not all Vaughan was struggling to keep under control yesterday. EVery time I saw him pre-match, he had his hands down his trousers. First the front, then the back, Both hands. And not just a quick dive, either. On the balcony at Lords, of all places!

Missy, I can't think what you see in him.

Spigot said...

My lady wife thinks Vaughan is the devil incarnate. Each copy of Wisden Cricketer that drops through my door has my sons stickers over his face by the time i get home to read it.

- Tweenies
- Justin Fletcher
- Makka Pakka
- Postman pat
- Assorted kitties

And I have to admit it does improve those Skins adverts no end.

Danube Hols said...

Not even thought of betting this match. It was something very unusual.

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