Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Daniel Vettori, Discworld overlord?

So everyone hates Daniel Vettori right now. He probably hates himself. I mean, what's the point in yelling at your team when you're just as bad (employ me and I'll do it for you).

At the moment I'm reading The Fifth Elephant, and everytime I see Vetinari I read it as Vettori.

Let's take a look at the life and times of Daniel Vettori, Patrician of Ankh-Morpork.

Daniel Vettori was born into the extremely powerful Vettori family and raised by his aunt, Lady Roberta Meserole.

As a youth, he enrolled in the Assassin's Guild, which, apart from teaching its students how to kill other people for money, also gives them an excellent education. Lord Vettori was particularly interested in the classical arts and camouflage, though he was failed in his stealth examination due to his apparent absence in class.

Lord Vettori succeeded Mad Lord Fleming, who had been as mad as the name suggests. One of Vettori's earliest actions and a sample of his way of running the city was to legalise Guilds such as those of the Thieves and the "Seamstresses", which had been active but outlawed for years.

Several attempts have been made on Vettori's life or position
(strangely enough, he seems to be involved in most of these). Shortly after his ascent to office, he was briefly turned into a lizard by a wizard under the influence of a Sourcerer. He was deposed for a time in favour of a summoned dragon and locked up in his own dungeons, from which he escaped at his leisure.

He was shot in the leg and a year later, he was poisoned with arsenic, which he inhaled from the smoke of poisoned candles.

Some time later, Vettori was framed for assault and theft from the city treasury. Again he came a hair's breadth from being deposed. He was arrested by his own Commander of the Watch for attempted murder, and spent part of the book incarcerated.

None of these events – even poisoning – seem to have fazed him at all. There have also been numerous attempts on his life by Assassins retained by other parties; the universal failure of these attempts led to the Guild's refusal to accept further bounties on Vettori's death.

It has been suggested that Vettori may not be entirely human, though this is primarily because of his methods and personality, as opposed to any sort of physical proof.


Miriam said...

I am MOST impressed by the dedication to links that you exhibit in this post.

Jrod said...

The picture of the dude who isn't Vettori in this blog looks like Rael, who is my favourite cult leader.

Miss Field said...

Thank you Miriam... Jrod, who?

Huntters.com said...

It means more to me this way. Seems better.

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