Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I took my love down to Violet Hill.

I was gone for five minutes and see what happens!

Jrod's starting* a friggin empire, The Atheist has a correspondent in the Caribbean, Q's become my Facebook friend and Suave's turned into a green tooth!

Anyway, as reported on AYALAC, the dates for Australian tour of England are out and proud. (I might be there. Happy thought indeed - except for the prospect of getting abused at The Oval. Maybe not mmm.)

My theory is that the reason there are seven one dayers is because it's the only variation of the sport that England have a hope in Hades of winning. I'm not suggesting we will win five-nil again (although what a thought! Remember the chant?) but I can't imagine England winning the Ashes back. They could win a one day series though. I said could!

Would anyone care to speculate as to whether Ricky Ponting will still be the captain for this tour? Personally I have my doubts. But as I think Michael Clarke is better suited to presenting Queer Eye for the Straight Guy than the cricket team, I propose a new selection process for the fight for the captaincy.

A Big Brother style contest of course. Now I actually believe Big Brother has less purpose on this planet than Paris Hilton (will that score me more hits? I don't want to be a Hilton hit-whore!), however I would tune in to see Michael Hussey and Brett Lee engage in intellectual debate as to who is more deserving of the role.

And naturally we the viewers get to vote each player out. During the day, instead of participating in the usual sort of activities the Big Brother contestants play, like pretending to be as clever as a piece of furnitire (I've heard some of them have had nervous breakdowns over that one, poor loves), they can train, because we want them to be as fit and competitive as ever, but at night they will prove their worth in other ways.

The last man standing will be the captain. Now, would Michael Clarke be the last man standing? Would Australians vote for him? I have a sinking feeling they would. I'm not sure where my vote rests. I'm inclined to say Brett Lee, but part of me says it would just be too wrong.

But yes, we're definitely now on the road to the Ashes 2009. And it goes to show where cricket priorities lie. I spent ages today trying to find the schedule for the South African tour of Australia later this year but from what I can gather nothing has actually been planned as yet! Come on people, wake up, some of us have plans to make. Sheesh.

So, if anyone has seen or heard from it, please contact CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.

Er. Is anyone still watching the IPL?

Finally, and way off subject, if you have a spare ten pounds thirty dollars thousand rupees fifteen euros, might you consider this...

EDIT: *building. He's right, the foundations were constructed long ago.


Jrod said...


Rusty said...

Now, what made you choose WV? Don't you know they already hold 30% of the donor market? I know cyclone's are worthy, but what about all those Indian women and kids taking out their frustrations on not being able to go to the IPL by doing penal labour in stone quarries? (see Oxfam). And they talk about us as the land of convicts.

And on what grounds have you deposed Ricky Ponting?

Miss Field said...

I chose WV because I used to work for them. I don't think it matters who holds what percentage of the market, as long as the money gets to the cause. Plus more donations means costs are reduced.

I support lots of causes but I was once turned away from supporting Oxfam because I was too young (and ID'd because the guy didn't believe me!) and I thought that was a bit insulting.

Anyway, my assessment of Punter is based purely on his current form.

Jrod, better?

rusty said...

I don't actually mind who you support - that you're promoting aid on your blog is great. I just wanted to draw attention to the plight of the Indian women - one of those forgotten causes.

Hope you're wrong about Ponting, though. You think Punter's petered out?

Miss Field said...

Forgotten causes make me sad. Like, the whole of Sudan.

Well I really hope Ricky fixes himself but I haven't got a very good feeling. Like, shouldn't it have happened by now?

Leg Break said...

How is World Vision going to able to get my money past that murdering Mugabe-like regime that is ruining Burma, and to the poeple who actually need it?

Miss Field said...

Well they send their own people, and on this occasion are being allowed in to do the work. I believe.

Anonymous said...

Miss Field is actually going to abduct Punter sometime in the near future ... which is why he won't be captain come 2009. =D

Leg Break said...

I wonder how much they have to pay the junta for the priveledge of going in there to rescue lives.

Sorry if I seem a bit cynical this evening MF, but the fact that this odious lot are putting red tape in the way of aid to date (Thailand are being forced to do air drops) really beggars belief.

rusty said...

legbreak, I agree, but think about it....

no country wants to let in hordes of foreigners, many affiliated with governments representing religion, culture and political system totally the opposite to their own. Even worse, multinationals like Coca Cola looking for new markets. Which is starting to happen with these big disasters.

I reckon we give Ricky another chance before we demote him to beach cricket - the world's not yet ready for Capt. Pup.

Leg Break said...

I'd rather let a few Burmese refugees into NZ as a result of this than give money that goes to the Junta rather than the people.

Alternatively we could annoint Ponting as President for Life of Myanmar?