Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Zealand: letting the world down

I feel hungover. Australia won, New Zealand lost, and we're going to the Island.

It was a big day yesterday.

As far as the Sportsfreak tipping contest is going, I'm quite disappointed. I'm currently in fourth spot, not bad out of 12, but I only have 12 points, where as Herr Q is on 19.

I might have been singing his praises yesterday but that's all over now.

It's war.

When I can get the leaderboard to copy and paste I'll stick it here, until then, view it here. And while you're there, check the rest of the site out.

I'm very disappointed about New Zealand. They sort of really should have won that match, kind of like yeah, huh?

You know you've got problems when England are beating you.

Big problems too.

Someone needs to take a sledgehammer to Michael Vaughan's knee, then New Zealand should be ok. Actually if someone does take a sledgehammer to Vaughan's knee, please also pay a visit to Stuart Broad. Nothing too mean, I suppose, just rearrange his face a bit so he's too insecure to ever be seen in public again.

That would make me happy.

It was a bit disappointing that the West Indies didn't win. Don't get me wrong, I didn't want them to, but it would have been cool if they did, because they were doing well and it's nice to see an underdog (except England) do well.

Plus it does work for us when we then defeat a country like South Africa or England. Then we can say "haha the West Indies beat us but you didn't, you're crappier than the West Indies".

Very mature. You could also use such information to rub it in to the Kiwis, as such... if the West Indies beat Australia and Australia beat England and England beat you, that makes you, well, REALLY crap.

They'd love it!

Although, if Australia had lost without Michael Clarke in the side, well, things would have been said, and those sort of things would make me feel quite ill. Like that we need him or something. No, thank you.

So apart from New Zealand letting everyone down, I guess all is right with the world. Somehow.

Here's a photo for all the women who are into hurt/comfort.
His cuticles look better than mine. Funny.

I did a Facebook quiz that tells you which fielder you are. I'm not a very good fielder. It told me I am Monty Panesar. I agree he's pretty lousy, but surely they could have allocated me a different country's worst fielder. I guess Facebook knows these things too.


Suave said...

He may be a terrible fielder, but he was good enough to run out the Thiking Womans Crumpet!

Miss Field said...

Poor crumpet, he looks so sad.

Yeah, even the terrible ones are much better than me. That's ok though, if I was really good they might want me to play and apparently the girl cricketers like other girls. And that could be awkward.

Where have you been?

Miss Field said...

I just realised how terribly homophobic that made me sound!

I'm not.

rusty said...

don't you think you should at least source all that stuff about 'if the Windies beat us, and then we beat England, we could go Ha Ha, you're crap, etc. etc?'

after all, It was mcGrath who said to England, after we beat them having been beaten by Bangladesh, "fancy being beaten by the team who lost to Bangladesh!"

In 2005, in case you're a spring chick

CurryCricketer said...

Don't talk yourself down Miss - Monty did get a run out in the recent Test ... Dan Vettori at that!

Q said...

Facebook is the CIA! It knows all.

As for the tipping... well we're sticking to our deal, remember?

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