Sunday, May 25, 2008

See how they run

Excellent cricket is happening in the West Indies. And I am not there to see it. Woe. I wish I could survive on two hours sleep, so I could watch it.

At stumps on Day 3 Australia was leading by 136 with 6 wickets remaining. More to the point, we lost four wickets for 17 runs. That's awesome, go the West Indies!

A Brett Lee bouncer hit Shivnarine Chanderpaul in the back of the head and he collapsed in an unconscious heap like a heap of straw.

But then the fella got up, shook his concussion off and went on to score a century. Amazing!

I think there's a lesson for young Danny Flynn here! Concussion is for sooks. That's a joke, by the way.

Anyhoo, after Brett Lee knocked Mr Chanderpaul out stone cold I realised that should I ever win a competition where I get to face an over in the nets from Brett, all I'd have to do is pretend to be unconscious and there'd he'd be, hovering over me, full of concern.

Because naturally he would bowl a 130 kph bouncer to me.

Actually I've always said if I ever won one of those competitions, I'd give the prize to someone else. Or maybe just ask if we could have a cup of tea instead of an over in the nets. Maybe he could just stand in front of a brick wall and I could stare at him for ten minutes. Highly satisfactory alternatives.

Over in England, well, it's so frigging typical that the one and only time I tip England it looks like New Zealand will win. ARGH!!

I thought it was hilarious that David Lloyd was accusing Brendon McCullum of cheating by running across the pitch. What a clown.

He certainly got told. Ian Smith wasn't having a bar of it, and I agree, talk about clutching at straws. How 'bout your team pulls their collective finger out, stops asking the druids to conjure up cloud cover, stop praying to Jupiter for rain, stop believing that three runs in seven overs (or whatever it was) is good enough, and just damn well do it. It's not that difficult. This chap'll show you how it's done...

Daniel Vettori and Darrell Hair auditioning for the cricket world's version of Saturday Night Fever.


Jrod said...

I'd rather face Shaun Tait or Dirty Dirk, because they are both animals who would bowl at top speed.

Leg Break said...


Shaun Tait’s got a busy and stressful enough schedule as it is without bowling to Miss Field.

A couple of interesting pieces of umpiring last night. I was expecting some close ones to go against us in this test, but I didn’t think it would be Taufel…

Q said...

Classic Pic of Hair and Vettori!

rusty said...

Trust the English to start dissing the opposition when their own fail yet again to pull their socks up.

great pic of DAnny and Hair, but I thought Hair was telling D. it was up to a higher authority (probably the ICC), not him, to decide the fate of the Kiwis.

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