Saturday, May 10, 2008

This is not a pipe

Well I'm pleased.

Until Michael Clarke rocks into the West Indies the (second) main man is......

A West Australian! And a real one, one who stayed.

In other good news for, well me, Brad Hodge the Attractive is replacing Michael Clarke the Weed.

Roll on Jamaica!

I'm promoting Michael Hussey to the status of King. Which technically, according to me at least, makes him King Cricket. I'd Paint (yes Paint) a crown on him but a certain other blogger may sue me for stealing his idea (or whatever that is in lawyery words, or at least not quite so late words (look I'm tired, it's been a long day.))... there are lawyers out there, you know.

But here he is, none the less.
Actually, in case you're not as perceptive as I am, it isn't Michael Hussey. Not that one at least. But this is what Google images gave me so it's while you're damn well getting you ungrateful little shits.

His eyebrows are better manicured than mine. I'm not sure who that's insulting.

Maybe it's a woman with REALLY badly managed PCOS.

Actually he's in the Most Wanted List for California, so keep your eyes peeled.

Ah shut up.


rusty said...

Oh, not Stodgy Hodge Podge! I know he' sort of sweet at state level, but for not brave Baggy Green. He's almost as bad as Simon Katich.

Where are all those young Warriors? Wasting their time at the IPL no doubt.

Miriam said...

"sort of sweet at state level" - I love that.

Bahaya Ginjal Bocor said...

I think that a man who is quite handsome, if any woman beautiful enough haha