Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thoughts from the trenches

Today I had the good fortune to meet the Deputy Prime Minister.

Now, I only work for a small news organisation, and yes there was a bit of shoving and pushing involving Channel 9 and ABC camera crews.

However, one of her media people did ask me if I had anything I wanted to ask her, so I thought on my feet and enquired whether she believes that Ricky Ponting will still be Australia's captain for the next Ashes tour.

Actually, an excellent suggestion has been made on this very blog - that Ricky Ponting be installed as President of Myanmar. Now I can see the merits in this, but only if his cricket career really is over. Which I'm quite confident it isn't.

And Brad Haddin's all grown up now and all, they interviewed him on the news and he had opinions and it almost brought a tear to the eye I tell ya. What was he bangin on about? Oh yes, whether HawkEye should be involved in official cricket decisions.

He thought not. I think it's worth a try. The three appeals thing or whatever it is. If it's crap, dump it! Good philosphy for most things really. Anyway, is Braddles captain/vice captain material?

I came across a picture of Andrew Flintoff leaving court and my respect did diminish a bit (at LAST!) because he doesn't look like the manly man he does on field. He looks like a soccer player! And check out the sunnies. Yuck.

He has been 'cleared of speeding on a technicality'... isn't that law speak for 'he had the money to buy representation good enough to get him out of it'?.

I wonder how you can get out of speeding on a technicality. Personally I abhor speeding, so let's hope it's a lesson learnt (cos shit if you end up in court over it you must really have been speeding)... yeah, right eh?


Suave said...

The police, by law, have to present your ticket within 14 days, or it's invalid.

Flintoff's was sent after sixteen, so the ticket is invalid.

The fella with him, is nicknamed Mr Loophole, as he knows traffic law inside and out!
flintoff was doing 87mph in a 50mph zone.

The Atheist said...

So, what was the DPM's full analysis on Australia's cricketing future?

Rusty said...

if it supports working families...

Leg Break said...

A Celebrity Lawyer with the nick-name of Loophole. How vulgar.

87 mph in a 50mph zone… That’s moving all right. He can’t bowl that fast any more.

Suave said...

He bloody well can LB! Regularly bowling at 90mph this season.

He just can't bat for shit anymore.

David Barry said...

I am occasionally amused by all the unhappy comments about Flintoff's batting. It's kind of like if Australians were all angry at Ricky Ponting because his offspin just isn't getting any wickets anymore.

Sanath said...

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Leg Break said...

Does Freddie’s car break down the whole time too?

Suave said...

David, Freddie calls himself a batting all-rounder, rather than the other way round.
Now we all know this isn't true, but he still believes it.

For 2003-2004 he averaged 40 and 53 with the bat.

That's why we get pissed off with the big lad. He can do it, he's just forgotten how.

Miriam said...

The thing that pisses me off the most is the pair of shoes he's chosen to wear with that suit.

Suave said...

He wouldn't get on The Sartorialist dressed like that, I can tell you.

He looks like an ice cream man.
Suave is not amused.

Miss Field said...

Well, Mr Atheist, she was of the belief that it's only a matter of time before he found his form, but that there will be an electorate available for him if the whole cricketing thing fell through and he decided to pursue a career in politics.

The Honourable Ricky Ponting, Prime Minister of Australia. Hmmm.

Miriam, you're correct, the shoes are a disgrace and the suit doesn't fit properly.