Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tipping yes for humiliation

My good friend Leg Break (who is yet to be allocated a daemon) has begun a tipping contest for the England/New Zealand series, over at Sportsfreak.

It's well worth a look, if for no other reason than to see me make a fool of myself.

These are the specific questions for each test match.

1. Result.

2. Session the test finishes on.

3. England top run scorer for the match

4. NZ top run scorer for the match

5. Who will bowl the most overs?

6. What will the winner of the toss do?

7. Second to Sidebottom, who will get the most wickets in the test?

8. Which non-keeper will take the most catches?

9. What will Brendon McCullum's strike rate be for the match?

10. Man of the match.

If anyone would like to offer suggestions I would be happy to hear them. I need all the help I can get. I've already submitted my tips for the first Test, but even so, I'm bound to be on about -8 after the match. As it is I'm on -1 before the tour's properly started.


Teams/Players Points
Mike from Mike on Cricket 1
King Cricket 1
Well Pitched 1
Sportsfreak 0
Cricket Action Art 0
Cricket With Balls 0
The Silly Point 0
Beer and Sport 0
Sport Review NZ 0
Republique Cricket -1
Ben from Mike on Cricket -1
Miss Field -1


Leg Break said...

Thanks for not giving me a fat flightless pest-bird as a daemon..


BTE, tips for the next round now posted on Sportsfreak.

Your position has not worsened

Miss Field said...

Good to hear.

A lot of people happen to think the fat flightless pest-birds are cute. We have one of those. Quokkas. People play soccer with them. It's not cool. But I was planning to be a bit more original anyway.

Leg Break said...

Aren't the Quokkas the mascot of the Western Force?

Sanath said...

Pls link my blog onto your blog as I've done regarding yours...CRICKETAHEAD

Q said...

This tipping competition is more exciting than fantasy cricket...

Sanath said...

This tipping competition is more exciting than fantasy cricket...

Q said...

Umm.. Sanath, why did u copy paste my comment?