Thursday, May 22, 2008

True lies

Today is a happy day.

Today I was offered a kick-arse job.

Today I resigned from my current job.

Today I saw the new Indiana Jones film (did I mention I saw Prince Caspian three weeks in advance of its release, yes yes it's true, and it gave me a brilliant idea, you'll see).

To celebrate my happiness (it's slowly creeping back - now you're at home) I am going to make some declarations that I wouldn't on most days. I guess some of them are straight out lies, but here we go nonetheless...

Does not use Botox.




Not a traitor.

Not a rudderless hippie with a hunting knife strapped to his shin.

I love rangas.


His own children.

Has hope.



Really, rangas are great.

Not entering a sham marriage, straight and in love.

Not Fiyero.

Also male.

Not Brett Lee.



The Atheist said...


What is your new job? Is it looking at picture of Daniel Vettori?

Miss Field said...

No... now that would be a dream job of an entirely different nature... hmm.

I'm going to be the Media Officer for one of the unions.

Oomby Dave said...

Well that was as funny as hell. haha

Miss Field, United, will never be defeated!

Miriam said...

Gingers rule.

That is all.

Except: if anyone DOES have any details about that job looking at pictures of Daniel Vettori, I can bring ample enthusiasm and experience to the role.

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