Friday, May 23, 2008

Why you should give me all your money

Earlier in the week it was mentioned that Shane Warne would make a Test cricket return if he was required.

While I don't doubt that firstly it was meant very lightly and secondly that he still meant it, I find it a highly unlikely prospect, although it would be quite cool.

Unless he dropped a catch on the fifth day of the deciding Test and lost us the series.

Then I would be joining the queue of angry pitchforkers keen to distribute his limbs across continents.

And imagine if he was dreadful. That would make it very funny for all the wrong reasons. Hilarious though. A grand comeback falling flat, especially as it's Warney. Would it fall flat though? I don't think we'll ever know.

"The English cricketers wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry if they knew that Shane Warne was to return for the next Ashes series," said a Channel 7 reporter. It's so true. Funny shit.

Aaaaanyway, a few days ago I was chatting to Herr Q of Well Pitched about Dubai, and we agreed (well I suggested and he agreed - just how it should be too) that the cricket blogging community should purchase one of the Dubai World islands and inhibit* it.

We could build a cricket stadium and hold one Test match a year there, sure to begin it may be Italy vs Japan, but soon we'd draw in the big names. One match means it's elusive, and therefore enviable.

And we can have our own awards nights, all the big names would surely be there.

I'd say our own team but, well, I figure if you lot could play professionally you would, instead of just writing about it.

Now, as we were discussing the unlimited number of talented players pouring out of Australia (his words, sort of) I think it would be prudent to make Blogland one of the Australian states.

Western Australia. Or maybe, just for the hell of it, Svalbard. I'm sure Norway have a lot to offer the world of cricket, especially the Svalbardians.

Basically, we'd be successful, elusive yet sought after. And pretty much, that's what I want from life.

The islands only cost $25 - $30 million. Who wants to be the first to pledge?

EDIT: *inhabit. Doot doot doot...


Oomby Dave said...

Well sod Dubai, why not make your own micro country and purchase/deposit a very large oil rig somewhere off antartica. Place a large cricketing venue on the top. The weather will please the poms and kiwis, and it will please the aussies as reverse swing is literally impossible!

Suave said...

I've got forty five pence.

Miss Field said...

Hooray for Suave!!! For being the first to pledge such a generous sum, you may name the island.

Works in theory Davo, but don't I ain't going look for the balls that go for six.

Leg Break said...

Do we really want to inhibit it?

Q said...

Definitely LB. Dubai will soon be a cricketing hub and what better place for us bloggers to be in collectively ;-)

Good work MF :-)

Miss Field said...

Why wouldn't we want to inhibit it, LB?

Thanks, Q :) I await your reply.

Q said...

My reply requires a job for everyone at the Island, will take some time ;-)

Miss Field said...





Leg Break said...

We kiwis are known as the guardians of the English language.

Except for when we say our vowels…

CCL 2016 said...

Mr. Q why your reply requires a job for everyone at the island.. I didn't understand what are you talking about.

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