Friday, June 27, 2008

Chinaman serves it up to the BBC

Dear Ms Hallett (Rachel Hallett - BBC Data Protection Officer) and Mr Trickett (Alex Trickett - BBC Sports Interactive Producer)

Thanks for you email dated 25 June 2008.

Ms Hallett, you write to me -
"I can confirm that the BBC Sport office received and processed a written complaint in relation to the Silly Point blog. I apologise that you were mistakenly told the complaint was received via telephone".

I can argue it was not a mistaken information. It was Mr Trickett's response to my complaint enquiring why the link had been removed. He wrote in his email of 11th June, "I agreed to put your link up in good faith last year I believe and was forced to take it down when I received a complaint (via telephone I believe and certainly not via 606)".

Mr Trickett, you received the complaint, it is not hearsay. You must have seen/read the complaint - which Ms Hallett confirms was a written complaint. It could not have been a telephone complaint as you wanted me to believe.

As it was a written complaint, which was processesed and action taken, which I perceive as a negative action against something that belongs to me, I am entitled to that complaint under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Any member of public is also entitled to know what information you hold about the website "The Silly Point" and its owner Chinaman. That is under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. I had asked for it under both legislation.

I again, and for the final time, request that I be sent a copy of the complaint. The only logical explanation for withholding it is, you do not wish to disclose the name of the complainant. As you had already acted on the complaint, you no longer can do that.

Disclosing it does not prejudice the independence of BBC editors - it may prejudice their claim to unbiased and impartial working. That is not a valid reason to refuse me access under either of these Acts.

I think it would be best if we start afresh on this issue. This is to avoid things spiraling out of control.Mr Trickett is in possession of irrefutable evidence of what I have complained about. You must have realised, I do know about my rights. There is one outcome I will not accept - that is evasion or a cover up.

As I have written to you mr Trickett, I now know you yourself run/moderate the 606 feedback forum.I showed you the details of when I wrote on that forum alleging of biased moderation and defamatory posts that was being written against me on 606 by one particular member called "LBW" and his friends. You deleted my post, did not send me the explanatory email, and failed to take action.

This repeated deleting of my articles, my comments, my profiles and persistently ignoring my concerns and complaints by 606, Mr Trickett, constitutes Harassment. You have been part of it.
I am surprised that Ms Hallett has written, "I confirm that the BBC does not have a specific policy relating to harassment of members of the public."

It is a public service.The BBC team, moderators, editors and it includes you too Mr Trickett as one of the producers, have direct communications with members of the public. It is a gross failure of the BBC not to have a clear Harassment Policy. Thanks for this information, I shall raise it in future to appropriate authorities.

Mistakes have been made, they can be corrected. Those mistakes have caused me harm, the least BBC can do is to repair that damage. It does not take any money or much effort to put up your hand and acknowledge the truth.

I hold BBC responsible for the damage caused to my website and my reputation by one of your members, in writing on one of your moderated forums. I have listed to Mr Trickett, a short list of desired outcome. I have said I do not wish to burden the taxpayers.

It is for you to decide if you are brave enough to correct the mistakes made by your team and yourself. Before I write to the Complaints/Litigation divisions, I believe you should discuss with your legal advisors which is the easier outcome.As I have said before, this will not go away. This email can be the last, but can also be the first of the complaint against 606 and yourself, Mr Trickett.

Have a good day,


©hinaman said...

Thanks Miss-Field,
this is just to say, that BBC has informed me of their decision to release a copy of the complaint...
for a processing fee of £10.

I can sacrifice the ribs and chips I was planning for tonight.

cricindia said...

nutman is on the nutjob again. :D This time taking on the world's biggest media beeb. Its more like chinaman does one up on his screwed up brain. The world needs chinaman to provide some comic relief.

Leg Break said...

Looks like cricindia is providing us an insight into the kind of personal slandering / bullying that chinaman has been talking about.

cricindia said...

legbreak, you really think the BBC is guilty about chinaman? Don't be so naive and gullible.

At one point, I was also chinaman's "friend" like you! You won't know till the nut hits you. Read my comment in the other blog post here "When the World breaks down".

Leg Break said...

Wow, this is like reading a Bebo page of a 15 year-old.

China isn't my "friend". I know nothing about him other than his views on cricket and chances are that I will never meet him.

But he makes some good observations on my favourite sport (as well as football where he has made a grave mistake in the team he supports...)

And I don't like it when battlers who run decent blogs get kicked in the nuts by the Mainstream Media.

Especially when it would appear he's the victim of a bit of cyber-bullying.

To be honest I had thought he's overplayed his victimisation card a bit, but reading your comments on here I can see where he's coming from.

cricindia said...

"Especially when it would appear he's the victim of a bit of cyber-bullying."

He's a victim of cyber-bullying? why would anyone cyber bully him? Because chinaman is a media baron? These type of comments and analyses make me laugh. who cares to cyber bully a loner? do you really think so?

"To be honest I had thought he's overplayed his victimisation card a bit,"

Like me, if you have to register on chinaman's forum, get promoted to a moderator, then account deleted, then promoted to moderator and then administrator and then account deleted again, without doing anything - I bet you will think he is a nutjob. All that happened to me within 15 days and no rhyme or reason chinaman gave me for that. The reason why I stayed with him till all this was done is I sympathized with him when he played the victim card.

"reading your comments on here I can see where he's coming from."

My comments? what's so wrong and big in what I said. I thought him trying to bully the Beeb seemed funny to me. You didn't feel them funny?

"And I don't like it when battlers who run decent blogs get kicked in the nuts by the Mainstream Media."

Why do you think BBC, which is 100000000....times bigger than tiny guys like chinaman, will bother to kick him? Do you think BBC gives a fuck all about him and his website? It is chinaman's victim card play or his illusions.

add to that chinaman getting the complaint for a processing fee for 10 bucks, alleging Beeb moderators of evasion and massive cover up, trying to bully Beeb's editor citing 2 protection acts.... I am cracking up in laughter. It has really been fun.

ciao legbreak.

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