Monday, June 9, 2008

Cricket like teenage girls

During my first year in high school someone in my year group decided to categorise all the lunchtime social groups and bestow each with a grading depending on perceived popularity and 'coolness'.

As an Australian, watching New Zealand lose to England is like watching your E group little sister attempt to stand up for herself against, well, someone who wishes they were in an A group.

In fact, they’re hoping that by such feats of intimidation they will be elevated into A group status.

Your sister, she’s doing her best, but she’s drowning. You cringe watching her, wanting to help, but her pride will only be dented if you comment.

Her comebacks are dreadful. “Sticks and stones” and “Leave me alone” do little to help the situation as the B group bitch tears shreds from her good character.

You hate the B group bitch. You know she’s worthless and only going back to her group of tarts to gloat. And sure, maybe ripping someone’s soul out and setting it on fire in front of the whole school is some reason to gloat.

But she’s not really as good as she thinks she is. That’s why she’ll always be hovering on the fringes, seeking acceptance and validation, but always just mediocre.

That little kid deserves better. She should win because she’s brilliant, and a better person than any of the B group bitches will ever be.

All you can do is hope that her comebacks get better and then one day she might even win.


Anonymous said...

To continue your analogy, the B group bitch is just an E group geek with a whiter uniform.

Miss Field said...

Being more inclined towards the unpopular (I'd rather an E friend than an A 'friend' any day), I'd say that they are still B group, maybe just hoping that a whiter uniform might aid their validation quest.

It doesn't.

Oomby Dave said...

this is rather deep, what brought this on?

Miss Field said...

England bother me, what can I say?

The Atheist said...

If it wasn't for ripping the heart out of small girls and bragging about it with my tarty B-rated friends, I couldn't wake up in the mornings.

Here's to life.

The Atheist said...

Don't hate me.

D Charlton said...

Sorry to go sideways Miss F, just read your Graeme Smith Facebook blog - genius. Top work.

I need to add that i hate Graeme Smith because he is allergic to scoring runs on the offside.

I'll shut up now.

Peter D said...

As a New Zealander living in the US, I love the way you've skewered the Poms, as well as perfectly captured the NZ/Australian relationship. Beautiful. Mind you, A teams don't usually need to bowl underarm. :-)

©hinaman said...

Hi Miss-Field,
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BTW, everytime I am here, the number of letters for word verification just grows and grows.
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